Disabled people having children

I just saw this comment on reddit and i think i agree. I know a mental disabled guy and he geniunly seems unhappy a lot of times considering his life and situation(parents dont want him, people alienate him etc). On the other hand its weird to control who can have children and who cant... but its also hard to imagine heavy mental disabled people really raising a kid.

Im interested in what you all think about this

Population control is okay.

You definitely shouldn’t have children

Make me daddy

Stand up to bullies

Murder Ewiz

@scsf thoughts?

My medical ethics class had a lotta weird people who advocated full autonomy for just about anyone

U think downses should be selectedly aborted well I know a downs and I would NEVER consider them any different or any less deserving of life than you or I (but abortion isn’t immoral getting myself knocked up x10 is an exercise in my freedom of choice but also the fetishisation of freedom is despicable)

Typical WOMEN

No downs or Jews. Its that simple.

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If u come from a race with anti social behaviors towards others as a core part of your group (jews, blacks) you shouldn’t be allowed to have baby

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baby is privilege not right

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Baby is sacred too

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No rights for the unborn. No rights for those under the age of 25 and no rights for people past the age of 50

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If you’re sxe punk you automatically join the electoral college as a delegate. If you’re hardcore you immediately get put into work camps. If you’re into ajj you get taken back round the barn and shot/raped by the state depending on which album


People w trisomy 13 who gave one eye and no complete palatal fusion + people w 9q deletion + people with treacher Collins are given pensions and work as senators

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After high school you must fulfill mandatory conscription in your local megacity police department. 3 years being a pig and then you can go to college

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You have to serve in the bad neighborhood if your gpa is super high or super low. Everyone is assigned a partner based on buddy cop compatibility. You must live and sleep with your police partner and consummate the professional relationship 3 times per week or face execution. You are not allowed to choose what gender your partner is

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can I get a qt goth police partner

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Sandwich artist is the title of anyone in a slave camp