Discord in the Teamspeak


create accounts that collide to the same hash

PM mafiabot starting a game

add them all to the game, causing DoS on traversal

Pure gibberish. A second of static analysis would reveal everything, that's all it took me

I haven't bothered looking at the source.

well I found 1 crash, but it's a joke crash.

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yeah, I'm not looking anymore. Go fuck yourself.

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It used to tell you the last minute that someone was on


Yes you can send me mafiabot exploits

Thank you for posting the thread

I take toprak's side in the debate, he has very good gamesense and probably had a reason to eat the 5 razes

Can you please post a youtube of the SF vs panda lane

dota tonite?

Poor drow

Your idea of a joke?

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No jokes, we're stacking with the crew

Waiting for you.

wow he has me muted

how can that be when toprak isnt on?

We're a 5stack if you join (@fireworks_over_maynooth is playing too).

ive heard this lie before

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Me too