Discussing Our Insecurities And Emotions. Thread

Lady in front of me had more than 12 items in the 12 or fewer checkout line

Discussion questions:

  1. Is there anything women CAN be trusted with?
  2. Why do they keep doing this to us?

Unbelievable. This can't keep happening

she was manipulating you

She thought I wouldn't fucking notice but I noticed. I'm perceptive

this reminds me of the time I was in the express lane with literally five items and some old white guy tried to cut me and I was like lol? and he was all like I thought you had too many items so I rage counted them in front of him and he was like "you gonna be ok?" like some kinda fuckin "u mad?" deflection fuck old white men

Hey, sorry - this thread is about women. If you want to post about this I suggest you start an Old White Men thread. I've flagged your post for removal by the moderators.


Did the offender have this sort of appearance?

The person in question is known for planting burning crosses in the lawns of her immigrant neighbors, and disrespecting the shopping queue etiquette.


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#1488 LOL

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my dad was a saint and every single negative quality I have comes directly from my mom and the way she raised me


but unironically

I'm rereading my 400 post conversation with nyte from 6 months ago and trying to figure out how she was manipulating me by repeatedly telling me i'm an asshole and ignoring what i said


where the hell are the #darknyte logs

Nyte, months ago:

jenanda is like the most garbage name on this forum congrats

Me, right now:

What the FUCK. What the fuck.

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I'm sure this all stems from issues with my mother

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I just realized this girl asked for my uke before she left and I would have given it to her if she hadn't been so dodgy in the last week

Look guys, women are scum. End of discussion. All women care about is money and sex.

When women go to bed they dream about wedding dresses and cheating on their husband. That's literally as far as their imagination goes.