Donner Party Day 2

yeah im so tunneled on kkat epok/kkat seems more realistic to me than epok dietician kkat town

to the point where i kinda want epok to hc if he actually has a kkat green

wait this is like never actual dietician

its just epok/kkat

Did he just admit to killing scsf here?

yeah seems weird, if anything I find SCSF the more likely of the two to have been the dietician

just stick with he plan of lynching bboy you morons

@mafiabot vote @bazingaboy
Osiris is a probable partner

nvm you haven't improved
read my first post from yesterday
read my posts today
vote bboy moron

LBJ killed SCSF the scum and that's why he was so happy about the town gamestate. The puzzle is solved

Like why even mention ian...?

I isoed lucky twice yesterday and doesnt feel like town at all to me...he just feels distant.

That's why he referred to us as "town" instead of saying "we or us"

I can see that being a real slip but I say that as town all the time

Also it just felt super weird how he pushed me so hard at start of the day 2 today for lynching nyte.

Like he wanted to shade me

@SOPHIE why did you not read a full game? You were mega scummie today

what are you talking about

I am talking about your posts that seemed like you havnt read half the game

been busy and I'll read through to catch whatever I missed after my morning shit. but how about you let me know what I'm missing? isn't that a towntell anyways to people? I would be more in the loop or active as scoom?

why not vote bboy?

@krazykat if you are town this is the most disappointing performance by you in a long time. 20 posts when being on a chopping block?

Danny why did you start typing and you stopped?

A warning

It was not, just me forgetting about scsf completely cuz I was falling asleep.

but def a big yikes from me considering the pool of uncleareds