Donner Party Mafia - Day 2

Town wakes up to a mess of blood around town.

@bazingaboy and @theGreatWingdingi are nowhere to be found.

Day 2 Start

Alive Players


Day 2 will last until 2019-03-23T19:00:00Z

@mafiabot startday 1164

well theres 2 dead and we elynched SK yesterday so whoever vigi is




based and correctpilled

with sk dead we know both bazinga/wintermute were town so not flipping isn’t the most serious thing imo

i think krazykat is a cannibal and roragok still needs to be flipped

Roragok players a very level 1 type of game. From him blatantly(imo) trying to pocket me by taking my side when i’m clearly flustered with faZ to just claiming he’s not smart enough to do that.

Alightsoul was pushing Roragok and I could totally see Roragok going full level 1 mafia and eliminating the person sussing him

Agreed, however, let’s not dismiss roragok yet, he could have just been playing dumb

Doesn’t mafia kill flip the role? I thought only cannibals don’t show the role?


Aren’t there cannibal mafias in this game

Discard that, seems there are not.

my highest sus is roragok atm.

i think he needs to speak a lot today.

also i don’t like how Kkat is playing at all… he seems so completely different than day 1

Gamut is a town read for me because he susses me for not lynching him day1. i dont think he’d do that as mafia tbh, i think he’d try to pcoket me and play on.

My EOD Notes:

Donnor D1 notes

Jenanda back to town

Bazinga is town

----Ian is town // leaning scum

Faz SK/Leaning town/leaning scum//town cleared fmpov

Gamut is town

----Kyle is town // leaning scum

----Krazy is probably scum

----Rora is town///leaning null/scum

Yns is town

Nyte is town

Agu leaning town

So bazing and jenanda were both town reads for me after the Ian flip, faz was also cleared.

Based on the NKs I think a rora/kkat team is believable for me and fits how this game has played out so far.

i meant he seems so compeltey different than the last game**

So my scum team ATM is either kkat + 1 of either kyle///rora

hey eironstove please just give us more short and simple posts instead of writing a paragraph of nothing and then youd be actually useful.

I said I’ll vote today in [kyle, kkat, rora]

I prefer to flip kkat because he’s the common denominator in my scum teams, and it’s really odd that you’re kind of ignoring him so far. Rora seems like a pretty easy target, but I’d like rora to respond to let us know what his gameplay was about.

My preferred lynch order is Kkat -> Kyle -> Rora

yea your posts today are useful. your previous long ass posts were skipped and skimmed after i realized they had no real substance.

anyways my highest scum read is kkat. roragok is sus but could just be dumb town

Not sure what you’re going on about throwing shade that my posts aren’t useful, I town cleared half the players from my POV already, and I town cleared myself with a few players too.

You even said yourself that you skipped my posts so you’re not really in a position to say whether or not it was useful to the game development.

While I want to lynch rora i can compromise with a KKAt lynchn