Donner Party Mafia

Hi Friendos.

Link to setup:

The game isn’t open yet, just sent out the PMs. Posting this thread while waiting for confirms and to take questions in.

Player list:
Spit-Wad (?)

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Mafia have daytalk

The Serial Killer has 1-shot NK immunity and a 1-shot roleblocker immunity

Dietician is a flavour cop that produces results of Cannibal/Not Cannibal

The town cannot no-lynch.

When a Cannibal night-kills someone, they take the body and put it in their larder, resulting in no role/alignment reveal to the town for that kill. The Cannibal who performed the kill learns the role/alignment reveal via their result PM.

If a Cannibal night-kills another Cannibal, they take all of the bodies their target had, learning all the role/alignment information their target knew. This will include their target’s night-kill target from that same night, if applicable.

If more than one Cannibal night-kills the same target, they will all learn the target’s role/alignment information. They will not learn that their target was killed multiple times.

If two Cannibals night-kill eachother, and are not in turn night-killed by yet another Cannibal, their role/alignment information, and that of all the bodies they possessed, is revealed to the town.

The Cannibal mechanic has no effect on lynches. The role/alignment of the lynchee is always revealed to the town. If a Cannibal is lynched, the role/alignment information of all their bodies is also revealed.

2 Cannibal Mafia Goons
1 Cannibal Serial Killer
1 Cannibal Vigilante
1 Gunsmith (Dietician)
1 Roleblocker
6 Townies

I was spit-wad from the old site (

Hard claiming serial killer

You aren’t Spit. If you want to play, fine. Don’t hide behind another name.

i made a group with everyone who is signed to the thread, they have post permissions in the game category now. on your command i can move the thread there and from there if anyone gets subbed or changed i can just modify the group

so u choose on subbing spitwad and ill hyandle the rest

also, i could use a sub myself this game but since it took so long to get the game going i dont really want to delay it further

by the way spitwad is breaking bad

I have no problem playing with anyone in this game. But the “I am Spitwad” thing is getting old.

i mean from my interactions with breaking bad and from waht ive heard from jacob he sounds like a pretty swell guy, id be inclined to let him play but im not host either

I’m town. I’m also metareading dan as VT since I doubt he’d ask for a sub if he was a PR or scum.

Lynch Breaking Bad

There’s not a lot of players I’d consider policy lynching but this guy is one of them.

Lynch Roragok

He always afk’s and gets drunk and never plays.

i made top 32 at bigger balc so im going to be busy tomorrow during the day. Going to be somewhat inactive until tomorrow night when the tourney is over.

i feel like i don’t remember breaking bad might have been after i stopped playing on nadota. I’m kinda against policy lynches in general tho especially on a brand new site n so on.

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lynch wintermute

Are you sure you’re serial killer?

lynch asoul

(That’s wintermute bre)

My role is Cannibal Serial Killer. I am willing to give town my kill info under the condition you let me “win” and we can call it a shared victory.
So far Kkat is mafia, and electrowizard is VT.

Ignoring my question is sufficient to confirm him as VT.

Klaze is utilizing logical fallacies again.

lynch KrazyKat