Don't Eat Me - Day 2

During the night the following people were killed, but the bodies so badly damaged no information can be revealed:

Alive Players


Day 2 will last until 2020-06-10T02:00:00Z

Majority lynch is 5

@mafiabot startday 5327

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ok so i was only pretending to be retarded and knew all along that supa is the obvious scum

just reread his d1

i will spell it out if he isnt a significant wagon when i wake up

cliffs notes is he just sucked up to town and was ok with way too many wagons eod without really caring which. and my read on his entrance post was probably right. kyle agreed supa most scummy at eod, which is why he's probably dead.

@mafiabot lynch supa

supa shaded murs but didnt seem to really want to vote him at eod (if i recall, could be misremembering rn, will reread and do quotes later)

so murs is lightly compatible but im less confident on murs

other possible partners imo are luckyartist and slowdive, leaning luckyartist between those 2

if theres a living vig they should consider claiming rn for the clear and so they don't get rbed next night

ultimately i think murs is still supa's most likely partner due to unexplained townreading of supa and overall not very pro town drive imo

and might actually be the ideal lynch today

definitely supa or murs imo

i apologize to @_jdance for inexplicably turning on him if he was town and possibly getting him vig shot

if he was scum or sk get fucked kid

but if sk and scum cross killed dont they both flip?

i gotta reread mech

  • If two Cannibals night-kill eachother, and are not in turn night-killed by yet another Cannibal, their role/alignment information, and that of all the bodies they possessed, is revealed to the town.

i dont think kyle was ever the vig because he wouldve targeted supa, not jdance

and there was guaranteed no cross kill so kyle and wingdingi are both pretty much 100% confirmed town but we already knew that

Sk has 1-shot protection, so there would be no flip there. Yes if vig/maf went.

Also i'm so fucking annoyed y'all are going at me when I literally made the right call every fucking time. Wasn't it you that was the final vote that made asoul reveal his cop? Also Idek how you can possibly put me and lucky as possible partners when he went ham on me after I went to bed last day.

I was hoping SK/Maf would both target asoul but sadly not. I think we can probably agree it was town vig who killed Log. I'm going to reread D1 and post my thoughts a little later, i'm in class rn

sk could not have died last night due to the fact that 3 people died which means every shot went through

what we have to deal with right now is that there are potentially 3 scum in a game where 5 = hammer

we should be very careful before we put 2 lynch votes on anyone

with the information from last night i'm going to go back and reread day 1

i mean sk and scumteam (of 2) won't be coordinating hammer

and this day is not the day a team would out to hammer a town or anything

but i agree with the general sentiment of not wanting random early hammer on anything

Pulled an all nighter and Iā€™m about to crash but early thoughts: Slowdive is my most likely scum player, followed by nyte and supa. But I gotta reread d1 cuz iaafr the town leader not being night killed either means he is scum or his reads were god awful. His retard claiming lends credence to both sides so Iā€™m gonna need my townies to not lie anymore.

Last thing: anyone that claims any role is scum in my eyes.

they don't have to openly coordinate hammer. my point is that we have to be really careful bringing anyone to 2 votes. that means afk players like friend and gamut need to NOT put a vote on someone and leave the thread.

ok, a couple weird things popped up for me after rereading day 1

klaze mentioned this too but gamut showed up and actually put effort into defending himself and making effort posts which is well outside of the norm

i also saw kyle pressing on gamut about his playstyle/posts and kyle ended up dead last night
the only other people kyle was sussing were klaze and alightsoul

kyle dying last night is extremely suspect for me because i can't really think of who benefits from kyle out of the game other than gamut

occams razor level 1 reading of game says kyle was killed because supa or slowdive scum

i have a mental block to entertaining sus on gamut rn it still feels wrong and he still feels town to me but i admit it could be for bad reasons and i could be being dumb

either way im gonna hold judgment until i see his play today

just predisposed to voting in { supa / murs / slowdive } right now

I highly doubt Gamut would shoot someone based on sus. He was a pretty good player back when I played. @iaafr can I ask you why you're scum reading me today? I was rereading D1 and most of your posts commented that I'm leaning town, but today suddenly i'm the highest scum read

gamut isn't showing up on your radar because he's had practically no activity which is why players like him normally make it till later in the game

what makes you predisposed to voting in me?