DotA: A Crucible Of Discovery

lmao dudes like that are why i stopped playing dota theres just way too many literal mental patients

lil pucci: i dont need your affirmation
lil pucci: you will know absolute fear isolation and pain
lil pucci: as you repay the price for the blood of the billions of souls who suffer and have suffered on your behalf and on behalf of your cowardly pussy ancestors

like god damn lil pucci has seen some seriously dark shit i think

I used to play games with Forrest


that guys got issues holy shit

“punged” makes a nerd like me want to kiss my fingertips

gunna be reading about that for hours

Alex Jones plays DotA apparently

Jordan Peterson plays DotA apparently, met him in a pub.

was lil pucci im2famous

I heard that Alexander Washington played Dota.


have you tried dagon skywrath forrest?

No, but do go on.

this guy slaps ur girlfriend’s ass and shukuchis away. what do you do?

So here’s a quick blurb of how my DotA has been lately. Played a battlecup which was sort of fun. Most weekends I can’t play them and am busy.

Got to play with another guy who has a few screws loose

And broke down and changed my name to MID OR JUNGLE FURION

I am a man of my word.

I also thought this post from jdance was humorous

Haha yeah that is a funny little message there and a cute little dog too

That’s charlie kirk’s account

At OP what elo are you and what elo is good

forrest is like 5000 i think. good is relative, the average is 2300. 5k is like top 1 or .1% so its comparatively pretty good.

id be higher if i stopped throwing games. ive become a monster. i watcehd that rawdota aka henry guy and hes the same mmr as me and winning more than hes losing (barely) but im going breakeven so i looked at my match history and realized out of my last 13 games ive only won 5 of them - picked jungle furion in 2 of them, randomed and afked once, and sold my items and afked with a shadow amulet twice.

wheres the notlikethis face

Rawdota is also buying his accounts.

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