Task List

Things that we want to do



  • autolock all posts in an enabled category
  • grand thread creator priv in an enabled category
  • show a list of live twitch streams in the sidebar
  • backwards sort keywords in the mafia subforum and show bolded words within the search to easily put a votecount together for mafia.


  • develop mafiabot all pluginside and show lynch vote at progress point on desktop, respond to bold votecount anyways, ping host anytime
  • remake nadota as a skin, including actions and formatting
  • show lynch vote at topic progress point all pluginside
  • get results from finished game and digest them to build player stats

shit i gotta do

  • write some js to append   to any text area for empty v
  • show greentext for (>) text
  • set up sidebar
  • make emojis in the topbar and category list max-height: 40px max-width: auto
  • edit topic display in categories to be not display: flex on Desktop so the timer merges with the topic if the topic title is too long.
    -fix image display on mobile so you can atleast scroll to view large images (DotA: A Crucible Of Discovery)
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Wish I could help with this

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Why cant you

Because I’m lazy

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