Dota Suggestions (No Trihards)

I think slark ult should display as a debuff when not active so that you can ping it to your teammates

No NmaPain in this thread please, @moderators please enforce

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I think creeps should move slower, they go too fast especially in the early game. Lower movement speed

Perhaps keep the speed the same but have them zigzag the entire way? That way the movement speed is the same but the effective speed lower.

Also it would be really cool if one of the creeps would turn back in advance to call for reinforcements (ie the next creep wave)

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I thought they already implemented some zig-zagging in dire hard lane between the t3 and t2. But yeah, more complicated paths would add more dynamics to the game.

Ok this one is actually genius.

More item slots as well. Seems like forced complexity on the game to restrict it to six slots and likely started that way due to how the original mod was programmed (based on warcraft 3).

Persronally I am in favor of more complexity -- Remove backpack and TP slots and revert to shared courier.
You may call it regressive but I am a hard work should pay off type of guy (unlike some others on here)


Also on that topic (we were talking about DoTa), I always thought it would be cool to have some PvE encounters in the game: like if roshan escaped his nest and started ripping apart the "seams of relaity" (proof of concept haha, not sure what else lore wise), and players would have to work together to kill him or else the game ends. I don't know, food for thought

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tree tag

Civil war amongst the neutral creeps
Actually secret secret shop (goblin merchant hiding in the woods, different every game)
Ancient Granite Golem riddle, perform a short puzzle and earn a small totem aura lasting 5 minutes
Paying off enemy neutral creeps to spy on enemy team
Consumable item used to build walls, about twice or thrice the health of a hero - ignored by creeps.
Third creep type, scout - walks ahead and makes sure there are no ambushes. Perhaps is the one to call on reinforcements?
Victory Parade - As the first tower in a given lane falls the victor is awarded a creep victory parade which acts to demoralize the enemy, but also gives them a chance to come back due to the extra gold from the creeps in the parade. Also acts as further momentum in case it is possible to push further.

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Hellboar Alchemist, rare neutral creep which conjures a mystery flask that is dropped on death. Randomly debuffs or buffs the player who picks it up.

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I thought they somewhat added the victory parade recently

Also I had this idea a while back but it's a good time to share it: it would be cool to have an underground layer to the map, think Diablo or other famous rogue likes where you can go down a ladder.

The only catch is that, when you're in the underground sections, the game is in first person I guess to get "into the mind" of the hero. Would be a high risk high reward concept as it lets you travel across the map faster but the walls move around so you could get lost.


This is cool.

Random in game events:

Full Moon - Occurs during night time and gives all night vision heroes additional movement and attackspeed.

Scourge invasion - Like the famous event in world of warcraft, a new faction of neutral creeps get summoned in to the map, summoning rings acting as barracks are spawned in to the river which sends waves of creeps towards the lanes, attacking BOTH sides.

Muddy river - Random event which can happen when 4 or more players are present in the river. River turns in to mud and all boots are deactivated for as long as players remain in the river.

Goblin hunters - A pack of very strong goblins appear in either radiants or dires jungle and proceeds to kill neutral creeps. When the jungle is empty, they go to the other sides jungle. Should be strong enough to ward of 1-2 players, depending on how far the game has progressed. Will remain indefinitely if not killed.

Heroes Tavern - Not an event per se but a building located where the old sideshop used to be. Players enter the tavern to pick up small in game quests, such as gathering pelts from neutrals or chopping wood. Rewards include XP and neutral items (bypassing the neutral item limit).

Count Kong - Randomly climbs out of the crystal coves located on radiant top lane, sole mission being to kill his rival Roshan, inviting players an opportunity to snag the kill. If he kills Roshan he will then take his place in the pit, denying players the opportunity to kill Roshan and aquire the aeigis until he is defeated. Marginally stronger than Roshan.

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Kobold Bounty Hunter - Neutral faction creep appears out of the woods on either side of the map and attempts to gank a random player. No stronger than the sum of the neutral creeps (Kobold, Large Troll and tamed Mud Golem), but enough to present an opportunity to the enemy teams players.

Goblin Pyromaniac - Lights trees on fire. Continues until killed. Cooldown: 30s. After an initial 50 seconds the the tree burns down, spreading to nearby trees in 100 unit area. Additional trees cought on fire exponentially lowers burn time. Quelling or otherwise destroy tree to prevent fire from spreading. If left unattended, the entire forrest might be burned down resulting in a huge disadvantage depending on what team you are on. If the enemy team discovers that this is happening to you, they might op to 5 man protect the pyromaniac until his deed is done.

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Mana cost increase on Venomancer's Q [Venemous Gale]
Adjust the location of Radiant mid-jungle Medium Camp to allow for multi farming easier (similar to dire side for balance)
Show enemy mana bars under their health bars.
Cooldown display on enemy abilities above their health bars.
Increase tower armor and health.
Stun/Slow duration diminishing returns.
Removal of Boots of Travel

HOLY SHIT. The count kong thing makes so much sense because those crystals don't have any explanation for what it is they're actually doing there. Heroes tavern would be cool but maybe too time consuming.

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