dotakyle mafia signup/brainstorm

this will be a roleplay game so roleplay is encouraged.

you'll be assigned a character from Lord of the Rings.

good guys can be mafia, and bad guys can be town. LoTR good/evil doesn't indicate whether you're town or mafia.

everyone will be Vanilla Town.
each night I will run a poll only I can see, or i'll just accept PMs for the MVP of that day.

that player will then be given immunity for that night(holding the one ring) so if mafia target them then they live.

there will also be side quests for everyone just to encourage roleplay/add some flavor to the game.

i'm undecided about the side roles I want to assign but my first idea was

Sam: Frodo survives until end of game
Gollum: hold hold the ring at least once
Aragorn: Lynch mafia twice
etc. if u got any other roleplay sidequests let me know.

the sidequests really dont mean anything they're just for fun and to encourage roleplaying

i think the sidequests would be really fun/entertaining to see played out, but if ppl are strongly against it then maybe i'll just remove the sidequests and/or add some roles instead

@mafiabot host

don't like the sidequest angle, seems anti-gamewinning

Kind of the same idea, its good to add things that could complement the setup but set goals. I think the more RP you include the more deraily it becomes

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if u guys dont want sidequests maybe we can have roles that interact with the ring instead

Yeah I think the ring idea could be neat actually. Kind of like a night doctor but majority decides who gets it.

What if you have a PR but that PR is only able to be used if you hold the ring

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So scum might have janitor power, but in order to use janitor power they have to towntell enough to get the ring

Which powers are used and how many of a given power are in the game can be unknown (closed setup) so that it doesn't become claim/counterclaim

This is actually just "charge me up" isn't it?

yea i dont really want it to be the main focus tho. an issue could be that someone just gets the ring based off their power role.!

It's a better version of CMU where instead of people being voted pre-game based on whatever biases, they are voted during game based on town play. Encourages active and strong town telling

Yea you have to find a way to make it so you can't just say "my role is X, give me ring every day"

could be as simple as not being allowed to claim your role and everyone has a role

Maybe instead of having individual ppl with different roles, it's always the same set of powers from ring.

Like - u get night protection and choose to use one of (cop, watcher, tracker, something else)

i was thinking about the power shifting with the ring but then that could be stale too

I still want to play the nadota mafia RP, where people are given known posters from the forum to roleplay as


i wanted quests bc after like 100 total posts in the thread everyone stops rping

You mean "The Thing Mafia: Part 2?"

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Yeah, it was a good idea badly executed