dotakyles dota thread.

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Good work Kyle - keep it up

thank you forrest

i was at 4.5k at the start of last night

i am not a homosexual.

literally all I did was stop talking to my team after I knew a game was lost. don't interract with anyone, and if somebody flames you just ignore them. telling them how bad they are and what they did wrong does nothing but hurt you because they report you like salty bitches and you end up getting shittier teammates in the future thus losing more. one loss is bad enough, don't let it bleed into your future games as well.

as soon as I stopped doing that I hit 9000+ behaviour score in a week.

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I made a new account with a 91 % win rate over 120 matches and went 10-0 and calibration and it put me at 2400 mmr lmfao what. 8:1 kd and 350+ cs every game im not sure I understand

did they rape the calibration?


They probably have to adjust for people repeatedly making accounts for account buyers.

Either that or they know it's Numeta and he beats off in the jungle too much.

i told a friend that i was on a 11 winstreak with winter wyvern and my friend spammed me to play with him then told me to pick wyvern.

he queued me to japan server and then picked techies. we lost. fortunately i did not pick wyvern so my winstreak with wyvern is still good. but my overall winstreak has ended due to his trolling nature.

and just like that boys we climbed with only 1 loss.

note: the game i finished this star in i nailed a massive ww ult to set up black hole/phoenix ult.t that won us the game. i am a god.

@SOPHIE please sticky this thread.

update: i lost my first wyvern game.

dota 2 crashed during a team fight and that ended up being the team fight that the whole game centered around and so we lost like 15 minutes later.

i had a drow and a pango who were quite bad as well. unfortunate.

i have been a VERY good boy.

commend trader

5700 lol

i started my day off with 2 wins and proceeded to lost 5 in a row.

1 was poor MK play by me. The other 4 were probably impossible to win since my team was so bad

i am tilted hard as fuck. i really have no clue how to win those games either

i've fallen on very hard times. as i said before i don't feel majority of these games were ever winnable due to really bad players/griefers/afkers

thats just a page but i'm like 10 losses deep