dotakyles game #1 day 3

@theGreatWingdingi the Town Cop was found strung up with a note attached saying “shut the fuck up with your stupid trolling, setup is fine haha XD”

Day 3 Start

Day will last until tomorrow @ 2019-03-27T15:59:00Z

Players Alive


Majority is 4.

@mafiabot startday 3088

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@mafiabot vc

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Player Lynches

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I miss jenanda

@mafiabot Lynch @sdadasdas

pretty sure thats not the play. am i the only one who believes him and stove are town. along with yns. they all got roles no one is cc’ing

imo those three are easy town everyone else is the sus pool. Am i the only crazy one?

Did Jenny change the check

@mafiabot lynch @Agubar

Actually I think the game should end. Kyle basically confirmed yns

@mafiabot vote @Roragok

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Idk he was confirmed in my mind yesterday but people keep bickering about irrelevant things

Do you have a role rora?

Like I said yesterday I am just a VT

What are those irrelevant things we are bickering about?

I’m asking because personally I think this game has been relatively clean

I don’t think anyone hated the setup, posts about the setup was either in an attempt to figure it out or were trolling, I didn’t think either asoul or yns were out of line.

Didn’t Jen red check klaze lol

What’s wrong with u people

Did you not read the thread or are you scum

I asked if he changed his check and no one said anything so I am assuming he didn’t change his check