Drunken Disguise Party Set-up discussion

Can the Tracker find the Jan and Guiser before he get's Ninja'd? Will the Mimic find Mr Right? Can the Drunk find a new drinking buddy after the Bomb goes off? These questions must be answered in order to find the leprechaun's gold!!



Game starts at night, so everyone can submit their actions prior to game starting, 1 person dies to mafia before even playing the game but since its Anon its all random. No mafia day chat.

I can co-host this set-up to help with mechanics because it is pretty complex at times

**at least 2 mafia members must choose to kill (unless only 1 mafia is alive) for the kill to go through. 3rd mafia can choose to no kill to avoid being tracked.

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Basic strategies

1-Mimic does not mimic n1

2- Drunk drunk's n1

3- Mimic goes on drunk n2

4- Guiser does not guise n1

5- Guiser nks n1

6- If drunk is on ninja, then the second maf to visit blows up

7- Ninja does not blow up if they kill bomb

8- If mimic goes on a pr claim and turns blue, then either the mimic is fake or the pr claim is fake

9- Do not waste time doing guise tests unless a confirmed pr cc maf has guised out

10- Guise test a clear blue if the clear blue does not die

11- If a pr is alive, then they can't be guised.

12- if mimic goes on a pr, then the pr claim can be guised if a blue died

Sounds really well-developed. definite sign from me

so there is 2 way to start for mafia.

Either ninja lead janitor jans
or Ninja leads and guiser guises into a guy dying

Seems interesting lots of interactions with the Ninja tho


anon sign ups

Ninja is the strongest role, it kills bomb and can't be tracked.

Janitor or disguiser are the funnest, because you have to counter claim town.

Janitor either claims PR role he janitors. or if it is blue he has to counterclaim tracker.

So all three mafia can use their powers every night?

yes ninja's powers are always on.

Janitor is only 1-shot.
Disguiser can guise every night.

You are only exposing yourself to being tracked if you use multiple powers in same night.

disguiser role is only possible if we do anon game and during night phase if guiser guises he gets other person's log in information.

if we are not playing ANON, you can replace disguiser with a hooker (mafia role blocker)

I can do the admin stuff for the anon game if thats what people want but someone else should host

I can host if you give me some pointers. ideally I can co-host with someone.

You better pray benny doesnt get mafia if you let him play or he will ruin the game again

I'd like to co-host

if mafia is not lynched day 1, it is heavily mafia sided.

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So technically we need 10 active players (day 1 activity is crucial). PM matti or I and we ll decide who plays.

Town only has 1 mislynch to waste, 2nd mislynch they lose the game. so if you sign up to play this you better play your best as town or you are letting your team down.

Who knew they were actually serious when saying they would rig a mafia team to win.

What is a guise test? How do you catch guiser?