Dungeon Mafia Day 2

A brave team and a lot of activity during the night. Oh yes - a lot indeed smirks to myself. It will take post-optimal communication to communicate throughout Day 2 - the day - primarily - of Curses! During the night, Krazy_Kat, the Dungeon Explorer, was killed. Numerous spirits and ghouls cursed the dungeon last night; a weary night for explorers. Who killed Krazy_Kat? Well that’s your job :)

The day will last for 48 hours.

Day 3 will be the day of Retribution and Blessings.

Good luck, the day has officially STARTED!

Remaining players are:


The town come out of their resting places, yns babbling and babbling - epok weary of imminent doom - and roragok looking mysteriously moody. Of course - that isn’t all…

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Hello comrades what did you do last night.

  • Use power
  • Loot
  • No action

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I have received game changing legendary loot from the dungeon.

Why did bug+Benny vote in my poll

  • Shitty host
  • Irish
  • Game ruiner

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T hath seemed as if 't be true alightsoul hath used his “potion of grammar” on me. Benny did get backeth to me regarding the killeth/steal+item ruleth, and t isn’t possible to useth 2 night actions betimes. So t goeth without declaring, what didst thee all doth tonight? i hath used mine own talisman of applause on matticus, and i wast successful in doing so (acc’rding to the host), which we can confirm most of our town as “not ogre”, and “not goblin” as well, shouldst we has’t a town yond claims to beest stolen


Is something the matt’r?

I’m alright - thanks for asking.

If 't be true thee grubbl’d in the dungeon - bid us what thee did get.

thee eke has’t to useth thy n2 item on someone else tom’rrow. The only playeth’rs yond art guarante’d to not has’t grubbl’d the present day is the goblin and the ogre, which means those gents has’t to straight-up “lie” about their previous night action. Those gents art eke fuck’d tom’rrow, seeing as those gents still only has’t their “d1” item (this is the main reasoneth wherefore i did want thee fucks to claimeth yest’rday).

alas thy potion asoul

Hey guys how’s it going? You shouldn’t be alarmed at my invisibility for it was proven that I was multiclassing as spellsword. I totally meant to do this and I in no way hindered myself by having this occur.

Klaze seems to be in a jolly mood. Good for him!

What did I get?
Opens Chest
Here ya go! Watch your face!

The racoon has been released into the thread.

Didst thee useth this item on yourself, 'r didst someone else useth t on thee?

T’was the result of fate itself m’lady, the divine gods bestowed this upon me as I perused mine reserve of magical itemry. No mortal wast part of thee equation. Whom’st’d’ve predicted this outcome!

What in the fucking world

For the record I did not potion of grammar Klaze

Nonetheless, i’m requir’d to typeth in this way to not receiveth zeus. Readeth mine own above posteth and rewrite t to maketh t readable