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Dungeon Mafia

The objective whilst drawing up this game-mode was a hyperadvanced form of balancing while still keeping some aspects a surprise for players to fiddle with and ponder on. The main selling point of the game mode is, loot!

All items are 1 time use unless there is a special exception made. No player can use items and loot dungeon or use night ability in the same night.

Random players will start with an item that can only be used at night-time. When night comes, you will have the option of using one of your items or grubbling in the dungeon for another.

You can only use one item a night unless stated otherwise. Items are a highly volatile “ability” so to speak and for some; there is no telling what they will do.

Each player will be given an item on Day 1 leading to a more engaging first day as was heavily requested in the past.

Day 1 lasts for 36 hours.


Role List

1x Knight (Starts with Sword: {Kill a player at night. - Single Use} Can also loot dungeon for guaranteed Knight class loot.)
1x Mage (Starts with Ice wand: {Freeze a player at night stopping night actions.} Can also loot dungeon for guaranteed Mage class loot)
?x Dungeon Explorer (Can loot dungeon during night for a random item loot. This is the Vanilla Town role - you can choose to not loot the dungeon by PMing the host at night.)

1x Goblin (Steal all items from chosen town member at night. CAN’T loot dungeon, has to steal.)
1x Ogre (Is the sole decidor of the mafia kill. The ogre has a quick temper and whilst slightly aware of his team-mates whims, prefers to choose the mafia kill alone.)
?x Gnome (Has to grubble for items in the dungeon like normal dungeon explorers chuckles)


Changelog documenting setup changes


That’s not the final version


Can you ask your buddy if he plans on finishing the game, otherwise we just go next

He’s at a festival. I can’t contact him.


Alright, go next. Scum was me, gamut, nma and dan.

roragoks on vacation for two more days, he can host when he gets back if nobody else responsible wants to give it a go

I knew it! Wow I’m good. Take that Alightsoul!

Granted, I’m sure I would have still lost since the rules were so ambiguous and players all afk.

Did you really scumread me? It didn’t seem like I was even near the top of your chopping block.

If the game felt more serious I was going to ask the mage to freeze you with my Nightcrawler’s hooves. But I wasn’t even sure what the rules were with Ogre and the host didn’t respond to my questions.

I didn’t hard scumread you. You guys really did a good job of confusing me. But I think the best play N2 was to freeze you just to be absolutely sure. If no kill, we’d just keep freezing you.

My question to Benny N2:
Does the Ogre actually use the night kill action? What I’m getting at is if he is frozen is there no way to night kill?

The rules just stated that he was the decider of the NK. So if freezing didn’t work I was probably dead N2.

I had matticus as the other mafia next to gamut, but nobody else fit the bill. Nice job. Interesting choice bussing NMA lol. Had you not coordinated people so well I think we wouldn’t have found everyone so easily.

Don’t lynch your teammates.

I tried pushing bazinga really hard, but everyone wanted to lynch Nma, and my stance on him was too committed to be able to defend him

I didn’t care to kill nma since I wasn’t even sure what the point of killing gnomes was and not trying to root out the Ogre.

Another thing. Bazinga just didn’t want to play town. It was really odd that he wanted to throw so bad that game since it wasn’t like his previous game.

I’m pretty sure I played a fine enough town, getting to see how people vote is good enough info, and I claimed all my actions

NMA had a confirmed action so the worst case scenario was that he was a Gnome. At least with Bazinga he could’ve been Ogre and lynching him would be no detriment to town.