Dungeons and Dragons

Would anyone be interested in playing a Monthly or maybe twice a Month game online? We would be playing the 5th edition.

Looking for around 2-6 players. We can schedule games here but my best days are going to be Mondays or wed/thurs


I would play but those days I raid. Monday would work best for me but I also work I’m not gonna be a complete noob this time and I might convince our eldritch bolster to play

I’d tentatively be down. Can’t do Wednesday’s though


I mean it could be a weekend night. I’m aiming for like a once a month get together that works for everyone’s schedule who is interested

I’ve set up like 5 games of dnd but never played cause it takes so long for people to figure shit out.
I feel like I’d be dead weight

Once you’re in the meat of it theres only so many actions you can do. You’re generally guided everywhere, As long as you don’t run in headfirst in combat you’ll never get killed, and you just gotta use your imagination outside of battle to do whatever subobjective is in front of u and the DM will do the rest

I have really limited experience but I have played a game with rora DM and I can say that he’ll take really good care of u so u got nothing to worry about

I’d be down to play again. Only issue is at least until January I’ve got early shits to make on Tues/Thurs mornings so depending on time slot Mon/We could be awk

I’m too busy to play usually

Once y’all have a group of would be players id circulate a poll via pm to decide days

I can play depending on the day if I don’t have work (I have an alternative sleep schedule)

@discobot roll 1d20

:game_die: 2


@discobot roll 1d20

:game_die: 17



Scheduling-wise I’d be most interested in setting aside a 5-hr chunk of time on a weekend and trying to play something most of the way through

I don’t know the way these normally work but I think if you try to do a “let’s play this campaign 1 hr at a time every wednesday” thing people will drop out due to scheduling conflicts

Alternatively, I think it could be pretty interesting to do it on here. People could just post when they are available and write out some big roleplaying posts and the people who aren’t playing could come in the thread and read it and realize they’d like to play the next one. Good way to keep your little gaming community healthy.

I think there are Clients that make it much better and easier to play than to do it on the forum - but I’m okay with anything.