Dungeons & Dragons

In the process of wrapping up an Out of the Abyss campaign derailed by quarantine as DM. Any other nerds out there gamin?

Trying to write a new campaign in Ebberon. For a campaign/setting book, it added a ton of content. Very worth imo.

Although, our current campaign has kind of fallen apart because half of us in it becamr degen magic addicts and play that constantly

wish i could play but dont have any nerdy friends. all the discord servers ive found require video or at least voice chat and i'd feel kinda awkward/ashamed doing that. wish there were some campaigns only done on discord text messages, would be amazing

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we tried it here once. honestly it was pretty funny. it was trolly, but like also pretty entertaining and lighthearted

at some point our timing collectively was too off for how reaction-oriented the playing was but yeah

we should ping @Roragok about it

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@Roragok please host.

idea for campaign: we are an escort party, trying to escort the last prince of egypt (nmagane) from the evil pharaoh ror-rar-gok and his vengeful henchman epok

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i run a few campaigns. big fan. i did try to run a play by post here. was kinda fun but i think combat is really hard to do and with the large party made it kind of hard. also some memy af characters

I wouldn't mind trying again if people were interested, but i not gonna allow a man with no arms or legs again.


I started with friends, and I named my Druid after the unabomber. It’s ok I guess. I’d play here too, but I feel like youzes are night owls.

loool whose character was that? wingdingi's?


I remember our short lived 2016 dnd sessions
It was what, me magic div and...?

Idk if I ever actually played. I might’ve tho.

Hype I think was there. Capgrass played

I think I even recorded the first session or tried too

Early in my dm career

Then we tried lmop

Again with some people that I did not record.

I would def be down to do another play by post thing but I would have limit players and make sure no one is mega gimiky

I’d be down


If there is serious interest of 4 min 6 max I would consider doing something.