El Grande Caravan

Don’t worry my beautiful freedom loving Murican brethren, Trump shalleth protectects ya’ll

Alright I’ll post in your thread since I’m a nice guy


Somebody give me the rundown from a sympathetic perspective here

I want to hear the best rendition of the “good side” of this situation that can be presented

So far it just seems to be “we dont like donald trump and he wants to keep these people out so we support them. donald trump very bad guy”

He’s deploying troops to the border.

I want to hear the side of the argument I’m supposed to be supporting here but not just like “they’re disadvantaged so we should help them”

I’m aware of that and aware it’s retarded

It isn’t an argument in support of the caravan, though, its just a donald trump whine

Do you understand the question as I’ve asked it or should I rephrase

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The post you made immediately after made it a bit more clear. They’re seeking asylum, so we should probably process them through for that

There’s a really extensive process for people to get into the country, apply for asylum, apply for work visas, whatever it is

It seems that these people are marching across several countries without due process. I don’t see how marching through several countries to get to the us makes them entitled to subvert that process

As a matter of policy you can’t let every person who marches to your country into your country

I am not an isolationist or a crazy trumptard but I have yet to hear a single intelligent argument for why marching thousands of people across central america is a reasonable expedition

Because asylum in any of the countries they went through so far would not provide them the protection needed for asylum.

Especially consider: people try to dress it up as them seeking asylum but the thing they’re seeking asylum from is economic instability and incompetent government/loss of the rule of law

which is basically the condition of half the countries in south/central america

So if you consider these people asylum seekers then you also have to consider the thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of other people who are now going to want to march to the us

Where’s the cutoff for economic need to be asylum-worthy

Right now it looks like some people would like to make the cutoff: “Do you have a land bridge with the United States of America”

And once again I don’t at all count myself among the groups of people that want to either prevent immigration entirely or have some racist motivation for opposing these things

I’m just curious where the liberal voice is here because what I am hearing is just

-group of people coming to us
-president donald duck does not like this
-we do not like donald

“I miss my PlayStation,” one caravan member told Linthicum. “I miss Buffalo Wild Wings.”

I mean bdubs is pretty lit on game night not gonna lie

Also heard a good story on wgbh where one of guys responsible for the border said this caravan of a couple thousand is nonsense when they are processing more applications than that every single day

They have a tough problem down there because letting massive amounts of people into the country isn’t economically sound and yet they do get massive amounts of people looking to come in because the countries they are coming from are utterly destroyed