Elden ring

It's good

Use spoiler tags

Try fingers
But hole


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Move this to the lounge please

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Don't do that

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Lounge on this ■■■■

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if only i had a giant...
but hole

what are your thoughts on the summoning ashes mechanic jdance

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I downvote every giant but hole fingers required ahead and fort night

If I have to try to write messages worth upvotinf they do too

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part of the fun is figuring out which ones are trolling and which aren't lol

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Yeah the jumping ones are the worst because the platformings so xd random

Idk why it tells me how many appraisals a message has that's so esoteric and unhelpful and pointless when it would be so much better with something stupid like reddit upvotinf

Let people write messages that others wanna read and remove the worst ones

I put down a few troll ones just to see what it was like and I got majority downvotes. I don't think it even matters cuz I got some upvotes and that shit healed me during boss fights

what you get healed LMAO. i haven't dropped any. only ones that need to be removed are the sadists who put them by ladders

that seems dumb

Wish they added a Truth tellers noun to the message thing so I could write Truth ahead and troll the signalers if they insist on enabling trolling

Yes last night I got healed twice during a battle I had been struggling with (skeltonga catacombs? Idk the one with the cool assassin boss)

I still dropped the bag but it was hilarious

Like it was the perfect fight to get healed in because that boss never lets up I was struggling with estussying