Why do people resort to various forms of escapism? Is it possible to live a life with no escapism? Life seems kinda inherently shit, so escapism seems logical, yet society demonizes escapism. I don't get it. Nothing makes sense.

Stop being such a dweeb and face the music

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well what is escapism? Do you consider all hobbies an escape?

People demonize escapism because it sounds very much like running away from the problems rather than confronting them. Life seems inherently shit because many people are adopting view points that make life appear shitty. Thinking there is no upward movement in life, waiting around for a savior, or accepting a miserable life that you believe you cannot change, all help stagnant you into the box of life being shitty.

The reality is it is very normal to have hobbys, and very normal to do things you enjoy. It is also normal for life to throw obstacles and problems your way. An escapist would meet an obstacle, think he cannot do anything about it, and retreat to his escape as soon as possible. A person with drive, would tackle the problem the best he can because he knows the quicker he can solve it the more time he'll have to pursue his hobbies and do fun activities. A person who truly understands life would tackle the problem, and find a way to enjoy defeating the problem because he understands that there is always joy in struggle, and that if he can enjoy facing problems, less and less tihngs will appear to be problems for him, and he can enjoy life.


Better to blame all your problems on Jews, Blacks, and Women; to add, there would be no problems if they simply did not exist.

That's a joke, but really, if there were no stupid fucking ■■■■■■■ in my neighborhood holy shit it'd be way fucking better.

What hobbies do you have?

Other than dropping knowledge bombs on nadota

I like driving my car(manual transmission) to pick up raw cows milk, the road is quite relaxing, and shifting gears and going high speed is fun. I like fixing my car whenever their is a problem, i avoid mechanics like the plague
I lift heavy weights, i do my best to be stronger.
I clean my house, and enjoy my job so much it feels like a hobby.
I play games on occasion, currently enjoying risk or rain 2.
I spend a lot of time researching and reading things on the internet, this is probably my bigger time sink.
I like to spend time talking to my friends, helping each other develop character and sort of our lives.

I find that my view of hobbies and living life have merged quite a bit, most people will have a hard time saying their work is a hobby but it has come to feel that way to me.

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What's the difference between a hobby and an escape?

one is used to better enjoy life, an escape is used to run from the problems of life. The intent with an escape is not to separate yourself from life via a hobby, rather than have the hobby as a part of your life.

Really interesting set of hobbies you have there

you're like two hops from anime slot machines hun

I can relate to REFPSI

Job feels like a hobby.

Spend most of my free time learning new things that interest me and teaching my kids or helping them develop their own interests. weirdly they love to read books non stop or my little one plays chess non-stop and beats some adults and he is only 6.

Nothing will ever change if you dont start learning about relevant life strategies

buying into each and every conspiracy theory online despite them being disproven by factual information is not escapistic at all and sure makes your life better

? You assume its just what you call conspiracies that i research? I search for many many things, and thats awesome, did you spend time researching that factual information, I have.

it doesn’t show

@REFPSI have you read the kybalion? i feel like you'd like it.

no i havent. Im sure it'll be good