Dota is good for escaping.

I think you're a blue chip prospect and should you decide to go pro instead of finishing college you'll make waves in the milk runner leagues

This could be you some day if you play your cards right:

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Refpsi the type of dude to kill his wife and kids after she tries to leave and everyone saw every single sign of it but did nothing. Dangerous guy imo

that's completely acceptable.

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Agreed - slowdive you can't say that

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I was going to write a post about what I would do, hypothetically, to a woman that left me but it'd be a violation of the restraining order that the county seat of sacramento issued to me.

I guess we should break this down further. When we say "life", what do we mean by that?


myb on this late reply.

When i say life, i mean existing and conforming to the situations around you in some degree of intensity. Most people who would say I hate my life, dont actually hate existing, but hate the situations around them. They escape from the situation by indulging and disassociating life from their hobbies.

Remember that no matter how you live, there will always be limitations and situations around you that provide some level of discomfort or restriction. Someone's hobbies become a big issue when it becomes their escape because they start completely forgetting about their responsibilities, restrictions, limits, and become disassociated with the other factors in their life, it becomes real easy to realize you've been escaping when you start seeing your hobby take over other aspects of your life. Right now in our society the limitations of how much hobbying besides natural living (sleep,eat, hygiene)

Imagine going to work that all you can think about is going home to do your hobby.
You start staying up late to do your hobby, or sacrificing the natural livng stuff
You attempt to rush through everything else, to make more time to do your hobby.
You slowly become increasingly unable to deal with anything that makes you get to do your hobby less.
All these things lead to you only feeling good when doing your hobby, and thats when you need it to escape from everything else because you've no longer become content or even happy without it.

I like to sit in ts with nmagane, you should join

Why do we feel the need to escape in the first place?

Cuz were monkeys and unaccustomed to the modern world we find ourselves in

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Remember the points i've said before. we've adopted mentalities that tell us to escape and run from problems and that life is so horrible because the restrictions on us are so oppressing and evil and things can be much better but we are too useless to make it better.

If you think otherwise or can accept the problems and try to figure your way our or actively change things, you wouldnt need to escape because you would be working on making the life as a whole better.

agree with refpsi!

a hobby or activity only becomes escapistic in that sense when you're actively, consciously trying to procrastinate or shift your thoughts from something else by immersing into the said activity

Is society/civilization a form of escape from the natural world?

no, it's a from a natural impulse for greater security

at least in intention

i didnt realize there were anticiv people til a week ago

weirder than primitivists imo

Escapism is just one of the ways to meet your primary needs.

To do something that you have good familiarity with that you know what you will get when you spend time doing it.

It can be possitive like working out or negative like drugs/smoking/drinking/gaming etc.