Never said I was anticiv.

Is it possible to live a life without some form of escapism, and what would that life look like?

i think a lot of people are using leisure activities and escapism interchangeably

What is the difference?

a job could be an escape just as well, from your social life like marriage, kids or to avoid friends, relatives, whatever

it is also an escape from boredom of having nothing to do at all, in a sense, anything we do consciously is escapism

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Our brains try to move toward pleasure away from pain. But some things provide short term pleasure but long term pain and the brain isnt able to make that distinction without additional information or living through the experience to start associating it with pain.

Sometimes when you experience it and realize it's painful it already became an addiction but that's a separate discussion...

So it is really up to us to educate ourselves to properly analyze our choices and what to spend our time on.

why do we have every day, every second? i'd like a day-off or even a week-off from existing every now and then - there's no escape from it, is there

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even while sleeping you get these dreams that resemble and remind you of existence

Why do you want to escape the existence?

it's just tiring sometimes

What is tiring for you?

the combination of everything that makes up one's existence - or life

yes, i know where you're going with it

it's definitely possible to organize and set one's life up to never be tiring but i am utterly incapable of doing that and rather share thoughts with negative tones on the internet

it's the easier way to tackle - to palpate - the issue

In most cases it is purely conditioning over thousands of years that our life is hard and we supposed to suffer and we keep telling ourselves that so your life becomes just that.

I lived through it myself and it can pretty easily be changed to something where you actually enjoy a solid portion of your day and work through the smaller portion of challenges that are pretty neutral.

Why do you think are we programmed to want breaks from existing?

i don't think i said we are programmed to want such a thing

i didn't say so about myself either, it just happens

in practice, sleeping is as close as it gets to taking a break from (at least, conscious) existing so it's plausible we are programmed to it

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i think escapism is incredibly important

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I love when you italicize specific words for emphasis.

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