Explanations For How Dota2 Got So Bad

with forces taf on puck. you can.... break the coil.

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How do you know i haven't played for 10 years?

I can judge a change as bad by looking at it. That change is good, that change is bad. It's that easy. I can decide what I want to learn and I decided I don't want to learn "Neutral Items" and "Talent Trees" - it adds nothing to my life.

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Understanding actual shape of QOP ulti damage cone vs how it looks on opponents screen in 2013 - beneficial to my life

QoP changed so animation on screen properly lines up with traveling damage object - bad change, not interested in the game any more.

Amazing how the DoTA analyst crowd turned this thread into a scream of pain.


youre really bad at the whole joke thing

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You got addicted to a game that will never be the same as it was when you first fell in love. Move on from that and have a good time


The brown kids are great for exploiting

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True. And that's what I did.
No time to grind and relearn everything again.


Great for exploitation in DotA

Fuck you pussy!!!

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Godz showed me exploit the third world
Godz showed me no Doto labour lawz

arteezy stream peaking at 5k viewers, and all of them are on the turd line from pakistan to the phillipines

Are you even thinking before you post? How many "White Master Race" players are watching twitch at 6 AM in the morning?
There is seriously no chance you're above 110 IQ buddy. Go back to school.


All of the "Dota Analysts" in this thread should watch this game; this is what I think of when I read "the halcyon days" -- specifically, analyze the quality of EG's play.

This is what "I was 5k in 2015" actually is.

Thx for the timestamp bro good lookin out

I remember this game. Don't need to watch this.

They were also using cheap third world labour

You should watch it because it does NOT hold up in 2024. Way too much nostalgia over what was shit.