Failed moderator exhibiting cartoonish Rage once again.

Once again, @SOPHIE is putting his moderator abilities to good use - instead of wasting his time with his users getting doxxed and developing plugins for the site (instead making someone who actually has a life and a job (roragok - unlike epochplaysgames, his only job being a failed twitch stream) do it for him after pretending to being working on it for 2 months)

He hid this post - for no reason whatsoever, and then said

I pointed out the flaws in that post as a reply and he responded by - instead of acting like an adult and having a normal human argument - deleting my posts and banning me from his "mafia game", despite me allowing him to play in my game even though he cheats in every game he plays (and even in games where he's not in the player list at all).

If that wasn't the place to share these objections then this should be (although I believe his response to this thread is going to be quite predictable haha).
He implies that I am "going around causing trouble" by making that post - and that he is Solving the Issue here.
Meanwhile, in the general board... (We all know what's going on and how he's trying his hardest to avoid doing anything at all)
■■■ is without doubt the worst excuse for a moderator I have ever seen, he is currently doing worse than what @luckyartist did on and everyone can see that.


Notice how Dan is pretty much in bed with this guy (as disturbing as that may be haha), and listens to every thing he tells him to do.
Why is that?

You posted an off topic post in my sign up thread. I stopped doing anything with your threads when you asked. Not sure why you won’t return the favor but I appreciate you stopping now. You were spamming it before with unrelated posts when I was looking for a discussion on the setup to be hosted that you tried very hard to derail.

I just want to talk about what to host, focus on the sign list, not combat with you whenever the fuck you want buddy. I have a life, you don’t, sorry that you won’t respect that.

What do you mean by this?

"Spamming it before"? I was the one of the two people actually discussing setups. If you "don't want to combat" then stop obsessing over your mod powers and act like a normal person.
Nobody had any problems with the video - people post "off topic posts" in every single thread.
Make some rules before being a hypocritical favoritist trigger happy nutcase.

You’ve been composing this one for a while. Hope it’s good :)

No it only took a while (1 minute) due to this forum’s bad quoting mechanics.

Yeah, I was fine with the posts on the setup. Then I deleted some random video you linked and you immediately got triggered. Not my problem, would you rather I had moved the post or something? I don’t see why you thought it was okay to share it there in the first place.

This is some poor trolling. I think you need to move on from me, maybe do something else to keep yourself busy. Hope you’re doing alright

Why did you delete it at all?

It was off topic.

No, it’s not trolling and this is the only response you resort to when you have nothing to say. You’ve made this comment a hundred times and still believe it.

And I didn’t delete it, I flagged it with the flag set to automatically be processed because it was off topic and that’s the flag I chose. It hid the post.

Is that against the rules? I see off topic posts in every thread and they seem to be just fine.

This is really not an argument at all.

No, not in mafia. Mafia has specific rules.

Sorry dude, hope you can understand. Have a good day or whatever it is for you

Where are those? If you want to talk about mafia rules you’re the one who breaks them the most with your emoji reactions while dead/not in the game.

I looked at the mafia rules thread and it didn't say anything about making off topic posts in signup threads.