Fall Guys

I was like "who would pay $20 dollars for a childrens game" and then i heard that you can do this and immediately paid money

also its hard as fuck to win and family friendly @faZ

If there’s a squad I’ll actually buy it

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update: Im refunding the game because it is really too early access for me to say it's worth 20 bucks

it might be to other people but complaints on lack of development aside I just don't think there's enough game modes or more than one final same stage. it should lower in price but I'll wait for the content fn

cool that the game has a free bp and free kinda shop, some cosmetics can be bought with participation points and others with crowns, so you can flex. current stuff isn't that nice but it's the nicest cosmetic integration I've seen in a while. I will def rebuy

Will definitely never buy a game that has cool "cosmetic integration"

Cosmetics are the worst part of all games 2015+

There’s hexagon and the race one for final stages

Probably gonna buy this...

i havent palyed hexagon or seen anyone play it

still not as excited by the gameplay as i feel like ic ould be if the stages had more going for them but i thinkthats fixable. maybe i wont refund? idk this game feels like it would go on sale sooner than later

Just saw mango play catch the tail as the final game

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It seems more fun to watch than actually play tho like it’s perfectly marketed for streamers

sniping seems difficult in this game but maybe people just aren't requeueing. it would be nice if lobbies were bigger. and this game needs a workshop

and if there's gonna be a fucking king currency then make the final round bo4 or 8 tops

these 12+ player lobbies for final rounds so dumb to me but maybe it's cuz I'm queueing w my friends

are the devs going to release the assets?

Not sure if devolver has before

my legs just got fucking clipped into the final board to jump over in block party and i couldnt move and it just dragged me to my demise

ima be honest i have so much fun playing this game but i know that i dont like any goddamn modes in this game besides the ones i never play. theres 2 kinds super tedious like memory or block jump or awful and luck based and not at all well thought out like the wall game ripping off of MXC or like the fucking memory block one

im gonna quit this game one day but i really hope they tune the modes instaed of showing incompetency patching out names because they could be good if they changed up their arenas or something

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this is literally mxc the video game

so play on one screen, watch on the other

the streamer guy used to have a facecam catcam and overwatch stream playing at the same time around the same time i like to watch mxc (middle of the night) so i couldnt properly enjoy the channel

this raccoon enclosure thing is a step up atleast

i have this game