Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing

Right my bad

Oh man yeah it’s completely fine to think some eternal damnation awaits those who marry someone from another race, and completely rude of me to think refpsi is a retard

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What are you even talking about? These non-sequiturs are not helping your case.
Did you even read my posts or are you just going off a pre-set script?

Really bizarre behavior here and makes me think he’s just trolling to get me to respond. Not sure why this pathetic sad headcase still comes to this forum.
Div left and it’s your turn.

Pretty sick guerilla op to make everyone quit the forum tbh

KaptenRoberto has left the channel. Its your turn.

if you think i think eternal damnition awaits those who marry someone of a difference race you are wrong.

i think it is dangerous, there are really bad effects for miscegenation on the offspring and a lot of single unhappy mothers because of it.

i dont know what the divine has awaiting us. I dont even know if there is but I refuse to believe i am an accident therefore i hope the divine exist and i know he’ll cherish me because that is all i want to believe.

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I’m talking to him in teamspeak right now - he’s still here.

I am not trying to make anyone quit for the record, but some people are clearly only on the forum to look for trouble and make fun of others instead of acting like civilized people.

Dangerous is an odd term to use. I think theres some genetic risk involved but im pretty sure interracial marriage can bring about neurotic kids because they have some really weird family dynamic that the kid never fully grasps and they never talk to him about his background so he’s not sure who he is either

Two parents from the same race are very capable of producing a very screwed up kid so theres no reason to attribute that to race mixing besides the fact that race mixing might complicate their sense of identity (but if youre not shit parents your kid has self confidence and a proper sense of identity so lol)

right i use dangerous as in the term there is a risk, and risk should be minimized especially when deciding to raise children. Ultimately the choice is yours. If i had all knowledge i would choose a path with the least risk and greatest result, racemixing is not in this path at all and the clear dangers and the disproportionate rates of divorce and separation should not be taken lightly.

Are your parents still married

both my parents were dominican. i am purely bred, but my dad had an obsession to conquer women fully and had a baseball team of kids. somewhre between 8-11 with many different women, they were together for 23 years more than most.

i am a anecdotal example it doesnt hold much weight but for what it is worth, i have answered honestly.

I appreciate the honest answer personally. How many of your half siblings are mixed and have you been able to interact with em

my dad only impregnated spanish women to my knowledge.

i beat the shit out of one of them when i was a kid, i didnt interact with them, and i despised it when they called them my brother or sister. As i grew older i interacted a diferent one, i never accept them as my sibling due to the loyality for my mother, but they are my brothers and sisters because of the respect i have toward my father.

If they are not of your race they are nothing more then cunning animals which should be exploited for the benefit of you. Those of inferior races deserve nothing from you and owe you everything.

Wait how do you respect your dad if he cant respect women or ur mom

If he did respect them he wouldnt be trying to stick em with babys or leave them once they had a kid

One of my exes had a similar situation except her dad was just a philanderer and it made no sense to me why anyone bothered to listen to his lies or treat him like he did no wrong

Because I am a man.

You should respect the decisions a man makes with his life even if it had caused pain for others or even if it was based in foolery. He gave me life and raised me the best he could. He may not have known better.

My mom is in a cult called the jehovah’s witness, i went to her baptism and we flimed it and made sure that all my real sisters and I were in the video so that she can have a great memory of it. We dont agree with the cult or its practices but my parents only get one life and I want to do the best to make it fulfilling for them because I my self know better.

my dad is similar he didnt know his wrongs he lived his life by joy and the bottle and sorrow and addiction have plagued him. I will never not respect a man who tried his best, even if i thought the man failed fully I will respect him. I dont think my dad failed. i think he was a product of abuse. I’ve seen how poorly his family treated him and us. THus i respect him because he did his best, and i feel sorry for him as he drinks himself away.

He took care of all his kids and did his best, sending them money. i remember helping him pick out a pc as a kid with him because he needed a good one for a friend, it wasnt for a friend. he sent that to his other son.

He will always have my respect.

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