Faz's Crypto Thread


Things are about to get so disgusting

It's pretty low class to behave this way.

I made 4000 today trading cat coins

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My line broke guys... its all over..

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I will never be rich again

If I search about wif in Japan I just get results about pocket wifi.

Start selling off imo you made fat profit maybe hold 50% but just my opinion

The again I'm also not a millionaire so maybe this is the equivalent to taking financial advice from a dude who sucks dicks under the bridge for a living.

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end of the line for you haha

Is jdance still rich I don't get it

it means the thing he had money in stopped going consistently up

i think hes still a millionaire

If btc takes out 72k wif is going to fly to disgusting levels


Relative strength combined with compression on the downside

However its not happening anymore.. its over now..

Wake up babe new horoscope just dropped

How much was your initial investment?