Feeling like shit

Been drinking 3 energy drinks per day, can't stop refreshing /r/coronavirus/new literally every 5 minutes, the fucking gym is closed, my hours were cut, my girlfriend and I are now living together, my coworker is expected to die from cancer in less than a week, just a lot of shit going on. It's not all negative but I just feel mentally zapped and out of place

Thanks for reading

Upsides: I'm 175 pounds, have studied >3 hrs daily for 60 days straight, just made a payment for $5k for the last of my student loans, I'll be taking a class in the summer semester to get ahead, I qualify for the dank unemployment money

Downsides: I feel like shit and can't go to the gym

I feel good for the first five hours every day but after that I feel zapped

The solution? Probably detox caffeine and ocd Reddit habits

I unironically probably check /r/coronavirus over 150 times per day

I need my gf to confiscate my phone

Like I'm driving undistracted and find myself off the road because I'm not paying attention


your also a nigge r

feeling like shit probably because youre a nigge r

B b b b based

Hey ain't chu that chamillionaire guy?

Ughhh i think im gonna get a midnight snack

Just want life to to back to normal

My dad is >52, has diabetes, is obese, and lives in Florida

Very real chance he actually dies

He also has high blood pressure

Wow female jdnace is hot.