Flag Fall: A Minecraft Mafia Mini-Mystery

Loot gone missing. Villagers disappearing in the night. A Minecraft server under seige.
But WHO could be responsible?

The Crime

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Several people are reporting items missing from their chests. Bases have been altered. A flag is missing from the top of the spawn house.

The Suspects


The front-runner for first lynch by popular sentiment in the thread, it’s abundantly clear Benjamin K. Buttons joined the server only to grief.

He has found and destroyed dotaKyle’s hidden bases 3 times now, filling them with lava, destroying the chests, and placing traps for any explorers unfortunate enough to wander through later.

In this image, benny sends me to a random location 4k blocks from spawn in pursuit of evidence for this investigation.

Notice benny’s name: The combination of ‘i’ and ‘L’ at the end is an intentional addition to make it hard for an admin to add his name to a blacklist.

This person had a clear plan from the minute he joined the server and his drive to grief people is almost compulsive.

That said, is he the culprit in this crime? Or is his roleplay as the server’s villain causing others to jump to unfounded conclusions?


Though he would like to play the victim in all of this, DotaKyle has killed more players than anyone on the server. He initiated the conflict with Benny by attacking Orion and Benny when they visited his base. He has killed several others who were passing through his area peacefully and refused to give their items back.

After Kyle’s first base was raided, I gave him a bunch of gear and showed him my secret chests and papyrus farm (pictured below).

Hours later, those chests were raided and picked clean of valuables (including a large stack of glass), the farm was looted, and dotakyle posted a screenshot of himself with a full stack of papyrus.


(See slot 3 - hidden behind windows taskbar)

Kyle has also been accused of placing some very offensive signs around the spawn area. See images below

Kyle’s Victim Complex and his unpleasant nature make him a prime suspect in this investigation.


An early partner of mine, Jdance has been open about his support of griefing and PVP. After a server restart placed him thousands of blocks from his base, he ragequit the server, but has logged on occasionally to whine.

The sign in the Birthday House (racial slurs sign), before bearing its current message, said “jdance and TNT was here. see if you can find it!” or something along those lines. His distinct writing style leads me to believe he has been responsible for several other signs placed in the spawn area - as well as some other sign-related shenanigans being reported in the thread.

Jdance is a prime suspect in the disappearances around spawn.


Claiming to be DotaKyle’s girlfriend, this player’s entire existence is founded on a lie.

Since we know DotaKyle does not have friends (much less girl friends), we must treat OhhBlarrr with extreme suspicion in this investigation. Where did he or she come from? Has he ever posted on the forum?

What did she mean by this?

[12:07:22] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] < wematis> can blar give me the tour
[12:07:38] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] < dudeitskyle> he is not the admin wintermute.
[12:07:40] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] < Ohhblarrr> I’m not the adminastrator
[12:07:42] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] < dudeitskyle> you must allow me to
[12:07:46] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] < Ohhblarrr> I’m the troll
[12:07:46] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] < dudeitskyle> do not enter without my permission
[12:07:47] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] < wematis> well you are not here
[12:07:49] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] < Ohhblarrr> under the bridge
[12:07:57] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] < wematis> a troll?
[12:08:00] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] < dudeitskyle> do not enter my base without permission. i am warning you
[12:08:01] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] < Ohhblarrr> yes
[12:08:03] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] < wematis> we do not accept trolls on our server


Though he has not played much, Orion has found himself front-and-center in two of the three raids on DotaKyle’s base. On the first occasion, he confessed to having fed benny the coordinates after being PKed. You will have to ask him about his involvement in the others.

I do not consider Orion a suspect in the disappearances at this time.


Though he claims to be unable to connect to the server, NMAGane has been periodically connecting and then disconnecting, often using the two or so seconds of login time to stare at the sky near spawn.

I find NMA’s claims about being unable to log in believable, but if he did have a period where he was able to connect, he would be conveniently-placed to cause mayhem in the spawn area. It’s possible he has had a hand in some under-the-table shenanigans with the server, as claimed in the thread (they claim somebody’s using wallhacks), but I feel his frustration over not being able to join is genuine.

Krazy Kat

Krazy has taken most of a week to dig a tunnel halfway down to bedrock. He is not a suspect due to his character, his inability to locate even his own chests at times, and his lack of any signs of the affluence which would have resulted from raiding others’ chests.

He does claim some items have gone missing from a hidden chest only he and I knew about.


SCSF has been quietly minding his own business building a castle in the hills, the use of which he has offered to weary travelers passing through. He plays the game as a peaceful builder and is not a suspect.

I have personally witnessed some changes to his base which he did not make:

  1. An enchanting table was stolen.
  2. All of the wood was stolen from the floors and ceiling of a “Jew Gold Room” SCSF had built into his basement. I suspect this was an attempt to find a hidden chest. (SCSF claims there was no chest in the room. His precious pearls are intact.)

Both of these items were next to SCSF’s nether portal.

Other Players

Matticus- Joined, died in one of Benny’s traps, did not come back.

Smuck- This player has been attacking others in the thread but is not likely to have stolen items.

Paine- Paine didn’t steal anything. Stop being racist.

TABOU- No idea who this is and he hasn’t logged on in a couple days.

Ethan Jones- Though he has been open in his support of griefing, stealing, and PVPing, Jones has not logged on to the server of late.

Examining the Evidence

A Flag

After the flag was stolen, these signs appeared on top of the house.

At first glance, they might seem to be Benny’s. They reference the “goy club.” They use the word “virgen.” And they repeat a mantra he had been typing all day: My base will be ready in 2 days.

However, why would Benny return to the scene of a crime to leave signs implicating himself? Surely, the signs were placed by another party hoping to frame him and escape with the flag and their reputation both unmuddied.

Mental fingerprinting and my incredible character read instincts point, surprisingly, to Jdance. He was in the spawn area. He had written repeatedly ingame and in the thread that “maps are useless.” And the writing style parallels that of the Racial Slur Sign, which I believe he wrote.

However, was he on the server long enough that day to hear Benny say “My base will be ready in 2 days?”

I’m not so sure. The only person with all of the puzzle pieces and know-how is DotaKyle. Kyle took my peaceful offering of gear, looted my farm and my chests, and then destroyed my flag, leaving behind signs to sway public opinion against Benny.

This is consistent with his extreme distrust of other players on the server, despite no-one doing anything wrong to him except Benny. Kyle kills people and threatens them when they are near his base because he is projecting his own kleptomaniacal tendencies onto those around him.

Disappearing Villagers

I’ve been very open with other players on the server about my desire to find a villager and trade for an Ocean Explorer Map.

When I’ve found villages in the past, I’ve posted their locations in the thread so others can also find them and make trades.

Oddly, every time I post a village, I return to it to find all the villagers are gone.

Villagers don’t disappear for no reason. Is it possible somebody could be travelling to villages I identify and methodically murdering the villagers to keep me from my goal? I wasn’t so sure - until today.

A Flag - Found!

DotaKyle messaged me with a breakthrough in my investigation. He had found a flag hidden in a little hermitage in the mountains!

Unfortunately, it was not the right flag. Someone had stolen another one of my flags and placed it in the house.

There was a word spelled with seeds in the chest. I did not catch what it said. Perhaps the culprit could inform me here.

I followed the mountain path to find a base in the mountains, where I hid some iron from a chest and left a sign to post “humbug” in the thread to get it back. An impolite trick, but I had to know if I had found my culprit.

Lo and behold, who should post, but DotaKyle himself! Sometimes all the evidence points in one direction for a reason.

Petty Crime: Analysis

So who committed the smaller crimes? Unlike others posters in the thread, I do not believe we can pin every crime on one perpetrator. Let’s look at them case by case:

Captured Flags
To be decided

Racial Slur Signs
Likely Jdance

KKat’s Chest Looted
Not sure? It would have to be someone who could benefit from a few bars of iron. Most of the big players on the server are past this point.

Smuck’s Chest Looted
Evidence points to Wintermute, who looted it once before.

SCSF’s Jew Gold Storage raided and Enchanting Table destroyed
Benny mentioned doing this to DotaKyle when he raided the second base.

Both of these actions fit Benny’s modus operandi: Enter through a portal, destroy things in the immediate area, then disappear into the night.

Kyle’s Bases Destroyed
Benny has confessed to this. Any shenanigans around Kyle’s bases should be considered Benny’s doing.

Villagers Murdered
Kyle has confessed to this. See below.

Further Developments

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At long last, this morning I found a village. It had a Cartographer in it. I reported this finding to DotaKyle, the only other play on the server.

I proceeded to trap the Cartographer and level him up so I could get his special maps, the items I had spent so many hours on the server trying to get. I didn’t have enough resources to buy them immediately so I had to keep him safe while I farmed currency. See chatlogs below.

Full Chatlog

[14:43:11] wematis : found village :)
[14:43:34] dudeitskyle : i found a buried treasure map
[14:43:43] wematis : where!!!
[14:43:49] dudeitskyle : not for you buddy.
[14:43:50] dudeitskyle : sorry
[14:43:58] wematis : you know this whole time that is what i have been looking for
[14:44:02] wematis : how did you find one though
[14:44:14] dudeitskyle : sorry i cannot reveal the source
[14:44:49] wematis : im not asking for the location
[14:44:51] wematis : im asking how
[14:44:55] wematis : a cartographer? a chest?
[14:45:15] dudeitskyle : look on discord
[14:45:25] wematis : i found a cartographer btw
[14:45:38] dudeitskyle : you cannot bribe me
[14:45:43] wematis : im not bribibg
[14:45:46] dudeitskyle : im no whohre
[14:45:58] wematis : im informing you of my great success
[14:46:09] dudeitskyle : would you like to seek out bennys base?
[14:46:22] wematis : my next map is going to be in the area i think his house is in
[14:46:32] dudeitskyle : earlier he spoke of the destruction of this server
[14:46:32] wematis : i’ll post my progress in the thread when i get done with this
[14:46:41] wematis : do you have a log/screenshot?
[14:46:43] dudeitskyle : he said byt he time he reveals his base to the public it will be dead
[14:46:43] wematis : send it to me
[14:47:02] wematis : this cartographer is not upgrading
[14:47:03] dudeitskyle : no i d.c’d when he sent it
[14:47:06] dudeitskyle : so log is messed up
[14:47:08] wematis : do i have to do his level 2 trade
[14:47:14] wematis : in ordewr to get level 3?
[14:47:18] wematis : i have just been selling him paper
[14:47:43] dudeitskyle : i am fearful that bnenny will destroy the server intentionally
[14:47:49] wematis : the server itself?
[14:47:50] dudeitskyle : i am not entirely sure why he would do it
[14:47:52] dudeitskyle : im not sure
[14:47:53] wematis : or the structures and stuff
[14:47:57] wematis : well i need to see the logs
[14:47:58] dudeitskyle : his threat seemed open ended
[14:48:03] dudeitskyle : the server crashed or i dc’d
[14:48:08] wematis : in the meantime, i have to get this cartographer to give me the map
[14:48:08] dudeitskyle : beacuse logs arent logged
[14:48:16] dudeitskyle : i have a map alightsoul
[14:48:17] wematis : they are logged in real time
[14:48:25] wematis : that’s your map
[14:48:27] wematis : as you’ve mentioned.
[14:48:33] dudeitskyle : yes they are logged in real time
[14:48:39] dudeitskyle : but only write after game closes
[14:48:42] wematis : wrong
[14:48:43] dudeitskyle : if game is messed up
[14:48:45] dudeitskyle : they corrupt
[14:48:54] wematis : dont think thats true
[14:49:23] dudeitskyle : anyways i only fear that benny will destroy the world
[14:51:08] dudeitskyle : anyways alightsoul
[14:51:14] dudeitskyle : i think that we should take precaution
[14:51:31] dudeitskyle : perhaps you can ask benny what his motivates are
[14:52:04] wematis : so
[14:52:11] wematis : cartographer sells emtpy map
[14:52:15] wematis : is that the treasure map?
[14:52:19] wematis : oir is just an empty map
[14:52:51] dudeitskyle : i am not sure.
[14:52:52] wematis : omg
[14:52:55] wematis : two upgraded maps
[14:52:58] wematis : as his next trade
[14:53:02] wematis : i have no resources for this lol
[14:53:11] wematis : treasure maps
[14:53:11] dudeitskyle : i have discovered many places now and i have as much as ive ever wanted.
[14:56:06] wematis : i need to fucking protect this cartographer
[14:56:20] dudeitskyle : do u need my help?
[14:56:31] wematis : do you have 30 emeralds squirreled away
[14:56:41] dudeitskyle : i have exactly 287 emeralds.
[14:56:44] wematis : where
[14:57:18] dudeitskyle : i am sorry but they are not for you
[14:58:04] wematis : kyle
[14:58:10] wematis : let’s examine this conversation
[14:58:14] wematis : you say
[14:58:17] wematis : do i need help
[14:58:19] wematis : i say
[14:58:22] wematis : do you have emeralds
[14:58:23] wematis : you say
[14:58:24] wematis : i do
[14:58:27] wematis : then you say
[14:58:32] wematis : im not helping.
[14:59:59] dudeitskyle : i dont see it that way
[15:00:36] dudeitskyle : i assure you dont want to go down this path alightsoul
[15:00:54] wematis : i dont have any idea what you are saying
[15:01:36] wematis : do you want to help me or not
[15:01:53] dudeitskyle : i am giving you the best help there is

[15:02:30] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] nmagane joined the game
[15:02:52] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] nmagane left the game

[15:03:02] wematis : what help is that

[15:03:16] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] nmagane joined the game
[15:03:41] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] nmagane left the game

[15:05:00] dudeitskyle : i offered you help.
[15:05:04] dudeitskyle : you rejected it
[15:05:18] wematis : what help did i reject
[15:05:24] dudeitskyle : he hyelp i offered
[15:05:30] wematis : what help did you offer
[15:05:38] dudeitskyle : my assistance
[15:05:44] dudeitskyle : in your projecet
[15:05:57] wematis : what sort of assistance
[15:06:11] dudeitskyle : my guidance
[15:06:38] wematis : i dont understand what you are saying
[15:06:45] dudeitskyle : i am a successful businessman as youve seen by my neighborhood
[15:07:09] dudeitskyle : stop trolling
[15:07:16] wematis : how am i trolling
[15:07:30] wematis : can we go in discord instead
[15:07:35] wematis : i feel like chat messages are lost on this server
[15:08:11] dudeitskyle : i am listening to some tunes
[15:08:17] wematis : im not asking you to voice chat
[15:08:22] wematis : i am asking you to text chat on discrod

–boring parts snipped–

[15:13:04] wematis : that is what you want
[15:13:06] wematis : right?
[15:13:08] dudeitskyle : no its not
[15:13:12] wematis : what do you want?
[15:13:22] dudeitskyle : bennys heart
[15:13:26] wematis : you just sent me a bunch of messages about benny planning to destroy the server
[15:13:26] dudeitskyle : i want him to be my second wife.
[15:13:34] wematis : what do you want from me?
[15:13:42] dudeitskyle : bennys heart
[15:13:50] wematis : are you going to bring me emeralds or not
[15:13:56] dudeitskyle : yes gtive me your coordinates
[15:15:53] wematis : i am at
[15:16:05] wematis : -741/
[15:16:11] wematis : 1369
[15:16:25] wematis : -741 . 1369
[15:16:54] dudeitskyle : you are too far
[15:17:11] wematis : i will make it worth your while
[15:17:58] wematis : you should understand that this is my one mission on the server
[15:18:02] wematis : it matters alot to me
[15:19:23] wematis : are you coming
[15:19:30] dudeitskyle : i am minig
[15:19:35] wematis : kyle
[15:19:38] wematis : what are you mining for
[15:19:44] dudeitskyle : love
[15:20:01] wematis : i will give you all of my diamonds
[15:20:08] wematis : when I leave the server, you can have my items
[15:20:10] wematis : after i do my maps
[15:20:13] dudeitskyle : i was tricked but not this time
[15:20:19] wematis : tricked?


[16:01:51] dudeitskyle : hello?
[16:01:56] dudeitskyle : did you complete your mission :?
[16:01:56] wematis : hello?
[16:02:01] wematis : no i am working on it
[16:02:02] wematis : why
[16:02:12] dudeitskyle : i am coming to kill you

–more timegap where i don’t bother responding to him–

[16:12:30] wematis : dotakyle?
[16:12:32] dudeitskyle : yes?
[16:12:36] wematis : i thought you wer ecoming
[16:12:42] dudeitskyle : :)
[16:12:52] wematis : are you coming to help?


[16:23:58] wematis : um
[16:24:02] wematis : my cartographer is gone
[16:24:05] dudeitskyle : :)
[16:24:15] dudeitskyle : did you know if you crouch you cant see the name plate
[16:24:23] wematis : what?
[16:24:41] dudeitskyle : precisely.
[16:24:48] wematis : i dont understand what you are saying
[16:24:51] wematis : can you clarify?

–Here he’s now claiming to have killed my villager that I spent all my time on the server trying to find. I continue talking to him to try and get an explicit confession. Keep in mind DotaKyle and I are openly allied at this point and I’ve done nothing to him except give him gear, share my farms, and so on.–

[16:25:33] wematis : are you claiming t hat you slayed the cartographer?
[16:27:50] wematis : kyle
[16:27:56] dudeitskyle : yes?
[16:28:05] wematis : are you claiming to have killed the cartographer
[16:29:22] wematis : can you answer the question kyle
[16:29:35] wematis : if hes not here any more i dont want to stay in the village
[16:29:49] dudeitskyle : how do u expect me to answer that question?
[16:29:56] wematis : with a yes or no
[16:30:30] wematis : or perhaps
[16:30:37] wematis : just tell me what sort of protection he had
[16:30:39] dudeitskyle : it seems like you are planning an attack on me
[16:30:40] wematis : what building he was in
[16:30:42] wematis : i am not
[16:30:46] wematis : i am peaceful, as stated before
[16:30:50] wematis : but i am trying to find a map
[16:30:52] wematis : as yo uknow
[16:30:54] dudeitskyle : why are you asking foir my whereabouts
[16:31:02] wematis : i am not asking for your whereabouts
[16:31:08] wematis : i’m asking about my cartographer
[16:31:28] dudeitskyle : you are trying to track me down
[16:31:29] wematis : can you answer the question about the cartographer so i can move on
[16:31:31] dudeitskyle : and attack me perhaps
[16:31:34] wematis : kyle
[16:31:35] dudeitskyle : i am unsure what your motives are
[16:31:39] wematis : i do not even have anything to attack you with
[16:31:42] wematis : as you know
[16:31:50] wematis : i have spent no time mining, have no diamond tools left
[16:31:53] wematis : i have spent all my time on maps
[16:32:03] dudeitskyle : sounds like a lie to trick me into coming out.
[16:32:05] dudeitskyle : i wont fall for it
[16:32:13] wematis : just answer my question straightforward
[16:32:19] dudeitskyle : i dont trust you.
[16:32:23] wematis : why not?
[16:32:28] wematis : i showed you my papyrus farm
[16:32:30] wematis : i gave you my gear
[16:32:35] wematis : i never did anything wrong to you
[16:32:41] dudeitskyle : do you remember the ice biome i was seeking out alightsoul?
[16:32:50] wematis : you just acted like a dick to me for no reason
[16:32:58] wematis : what about the ice biome kyle
[16:33:05] dudeitskyle : i’ve found one.
[16:33:09] dudeitskyle : it’s massive.
[16:33:10] wematis : so?
[16:33:27] wematis : does it have water or no water
[16:33:37] wematis : if its the one with water i found it a long time ago and posted it in the thread

–some timegap. He’s acting super weird - for reference, if you can’t tell from the conversation, conversing with DotaKyle is unpleasant to the point of being painful and I really just wanted to get a yes out of him so I could get out of the conversation.

[16:34:14] wematis : what’s your point about the biome kyle
[16:34:19] wematis : and give me a straight answer about the cartographer
[16:34:27] wematis : as you know I have never done anything wrong towards you
[16:34:30] dudeitskyle : patience alightsoul
[16:34:31] wematis : and i deserve honesty
[16:34:38] wematis : what do you mean patience
[16:34:43] wematis : it is just yes or no
[16:34:50] wematis : your cartographer is gone or he isnt’
[16:34:55] wematis : and i move on to the next village
[16:34:56] dudeitskyle : i am doing a few things as of now.
[16:35:05] wematis : you can type yes or no
[16:35:09] wematis : not matter what you’re doing
[16:36:23] wematis : i guess I am confused by your motivations as well
[16:36:27] wematis : it’s not like I was griefing you
[16:36:30] wematis : so why kill him
[16:37:10] dudeitskyle : i dont trust you
[16:37:15] wematis : what do you mean?
[16:37:35] wematis : what does me having a woodland explorer map have to do with not trusting me?
[16:38:23] wematis : do you mean that you don’t trust me and thus you do not want to tell me you killed the guy?
[16:38:29] wematis : because in that case I think you are being a coward
[16:38:41] wematis : if you do something like that you should be straightforward about it
[16:38:47] wematis : i don’t think you’re a coward dotakyle
[16:38:54] wematis : i think you’re going to tell me what you did and why you did it
[16:38:57] dudeitskyle : have you ever kissed a boy alightsoul?
[16:39:01] wematis : especially why. because i don’t understand why
[16:39:16] dudeitskyle : please answer that question
[16:39:24] wematis : i’ll answer that question after you answer mine
[16:39:33] dudeitskyle : good day sir.

–blah blah blah blah I’m just trying to get a confession that he’s griefed me beyond belief before I accuse him in the thread and he’s typing stupid shit at me–

[16:40:10] dudeitskyle : answer me pleasel.
[16:40:17] wematis : I will
[16:40:21] wematis : after you answer me
[16:40:26] wematis : why did you kill the cartographer
[16:41:06] wematis : why did you do it kyle
[16:41:10] wematis : we were allies and you killed him
[16:41:13] dudeitskyle : i never killed him
[16:41:16] dudeitskyle : i am in my base.,
[16:41:20] dudeitskyle : i am split mining alightosul.
[16:41:22] wematis : you did kill him
[16:41:29] wematis : you typed to me that you were coming
[16:41:33] wematis : you typed about crouching
[16:41:44] wematis : you sent me smiley faces about the guy being missing
[16:41:47] dudeitskyle : i have not been near you this entire time
[16:41:51] wematis : and you wouldn’t just say “no” when i asked if you killed him
[16:41:58] dudeitskyle : i did say no
[16:42:01] dudeitskyle : like 15 times.

–weird that he lies about this. A “no” at the start would have ended the conversation immediately but for some reason it was a “:)” and “i dont trust you”–

[16:42:02] wematis : you did kill him and I want to know why
[16:42:05] wematis : no you didn’t kyle
[16:42:13] dudeitskyle : i did.
[16:42:13] wematis : you sent smiley faces
[16:42:20] wematis : i will post the chat logs
[16:43:23] wematis : i know you killed him and i’m not mad about it
[16:43:27] wematis : i just want to know what you get out of it
[16:44:25] dudeitskyle : i did not kill him.
[16:44:30] dudeitskyle : i told you that about 9 times.
[16:44:44] wematis : no, you never explicitly said you did not kill him
[16:44:46] wematis : until right now
[16:45:10] wematis : think about how it looks to me dotakyle
[16:45:15] wematis : i report my finding of a cart
[16:45:22] wematis : i ask for your assistance and give you coordinates
[16:45:30] wematis : you claim you are coming to kill me, send me weird smileys
[16:45:40] wematis : then my guy goes missing and you won’t answer the question for about 15 minutes
[16:45:50] wematis : meanwhile sending me some stupid shit about kissing boys
[16:46:28] wematis : the evidence is really overwhelming here against you
[16:46:37] wematis : and when roragok checks the server logs he is going to see the truth
[16:46:49] wematis : the way I see it, you have a limited amount of time to tell your story
[16:46:53] wematis : about what the reason is
[16:46:57] wematis : and paint this in a good light for you
[16:47:19] wematis : before the community gets a chance to see it without your perspective
[16:47:26] dudeitskyle : roragok can look at the logs
[16:47:30] wematis : which will undoubtedly look quite bad
[16:47:32] dudeitskyle : the logs will show i am innocent
[16:47:46] wematis : the logs will show that you murdered him in cold blood and sexually harassed me
[16:47:57] wematis : those are the fact
[16:48:05] dudeitskyle : i am just intersted in making youj my 3rd wife.
[16:48:05] wematis : if you want to tell your story, the clock is running out
[16:51:00] dudeitskyle : alightsoul stop this at once.
[16:51:05] dudeitskyle : or i will show up and actually murder him
[16:51:19] wematis : he’s not there
[16:51:24] wematis : so obviously you can’t murder him
[16:51:45] dudeitskyle : oh unfortunate you arrive at that ice biome
[16:51:48] dudeitskyle : with the sunken boat
[16:51:53] dudeitskyle : unfortunately i arrive there days ago
[16:51:57] dudeitskyle : and found the treasure map.
[16:52:02] wematis : from the boat?
[16:52:05] dudeitskyle : yes.
[16:52:11] dudeitskyle : I raided that boat days ago.
[16:52:14] wematis : why wouldn’t you tell me that’s where it was from?
[16:52:25] wematis : it’s not like i can get another copy from there
[16:52:31] dudeitskyle : how was I to know that you were there?
[16:52:39] wematis : thatt’s not the question
[16:52:47] wematis : the question was why were you resistant to tell me where the map was from

–cut the rest of the chat log as it doesn’t contain anything pertinent after this. Congrats on making it all the way through that if you read it. If you found it unbearable imagine how it felt in real time–

Short Summary

DotaKyle is VERY unpleasant to play on a server with.

He claims to have destroyed the one thing I spent all my time on the server trying to find.

He and his “girlfriend” likely looted several of the chests near spawn.

I have no sympathy for him being griefed by benny with the way he acts towards others.



I leave it to the citizens of the Mafia subforum to decide guilt or non-guilt of the affected parties.


This is TNT.

I will be using it to destroy every base which I suspect to be harboring stolen goods.

Starting with NMAGane’s Birthday House.

Krazy has taken most of a week to dig a tunnel halfway down to bedrock. He is not a suspect due to his character, his inability to locate even his own chests at times, and his lack of any signs of the affluence which would have resulted from raiding others’ chests.

I am not responsible for any signs. I have not raided any chests. I have inflicted only a couple hearts of damage to Wematis while testing if PvP was on. I did not do anything wrong, nor did I have any plans to. Please do not slander my name.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would apologize.

It was kyle.

I did not even post the “jdance and tnt was here” sign - why would I implicate myself? at the time the only players on the server were Wematis, Tabou99, KrazyKat, and Benny.

and Paine

I have completed my TNT Tour of the world. No hidden chests were found. Reparations will be paid to any innocent victims whose bases were destroyed.

Apologies to the owner of this beautiful abode. I first came across it in the dark and it left a much more sinister impression.


To be honest, I’m guessing you were responsible for that sign.

Probably all of them - That’s not Benny’s game. Benny destroys bases, not create signs.

Bonus jdance threatening me

[00:53:45] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] crossover25 joined the game
[00:54:13] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] < crossover25 > for what reason do you insist that i do bad things?
[00:54:26] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] < crossover25 > if you keep this up - you will get the version of me that you insist that i am
[00:54:39] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] < crossover25 > konsider this a warning
[00:54:44] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] < crossover25 > a final warning
[00:54:47] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] < wematis > for what reason
[00:54:51] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] < wematis > do you do bad things
[00:55:04] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] < crossover25 > poofs away
[00:55:06] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] crossover25 left the game

What could you possibly have to threaten me with? You saw my gear. I am unassailable. You haven’t played on the server in days. Your base is miles away. You have nothing.

Seems I’m a little too close to the truth for comfort. Fear not, citizens of NADota. The investigation will carry on. I will not be silenced.

Surely you understand how frustrating it can be to be accused of something you did not do.

Jdance is a prime suspect in the disappearances around spawn.

what disappearances? go fuck yourself.

as you can tell from my inventory i have nothing that indicates any wealth


That’s 1 down 6 to go

This is not a confession

This is a mind game

Right now you’re analyzing my behavior against known lying characteristics hoping that somehow you can leverage one of them to frame me for your own crimes

If I was guilty I would take the crime but I am innocent so I will keep fighting

I did not do it