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  • Free REFPSI
  • Let him serve his ban

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No need for drama just a quick poll gauging public opinion.

Context, if you did not see it, is in the massive jdance thread and the massive ewiz thread.

Basically he was posting openly about Nazism and his support of Hitler. Some people really did not think this was funny.

Vote in poll, move on with life, no nazism debates here please.

hello abusing my admin to drop this in here please no delete wintermute thanks


u guys are fags I hope he comes back on Monday with more heat for u Jews

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Input noted. Filed in the proper location :tutbutt:

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I have a question @SOPHIE actually

Can you clarify the exact rules on what refspi can and cannot do if he wants to not get banned

For example maybe you guys are deciding posting Hitler speeches and telling people to watch them isn’t acceptable

But can he post his own dota gameplay interlaced with discussions of usury and the jewish menace

Because this is the area I think needs to be protected and once you start pushing this line we are putting numeta at risk as well

I think we should make a rule that really clean, high-effort original video content by nazis and conspiracy theorists is always protected, especially if it’s thrown in the middle of a discussion of why more than 1 bottle is necessary on offlane abbaddon

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And encourage refspi to continue making his high-quality content with an occasional reference to his opinions about the jews thrown in

refpsi out here spitting BASED hotep knowledge and my scsf getting modded in twitch chat after saying tired slander about banking and blood libel…

I’m back fresh off a ban.

nothing really changed but nothing was the same. I think imma keep my opinions to myself from now on. I dont think anything that was said or done to me was just. I just hope that some of you guys would acknowledge that im human and i have a right to believe and interpret history and the world the way i like.

I guess i dont have the right to talk on the topics or present my information or even use logic to justify any of my points. I was met with nothing but insults and threats. I served my time. I’ll keep quiet. my only request is that my title remove retarded from it. I’ll take the label of nazi. but i am too logical to be considered a retarded one.

Its sad for me to come back and type this because the only way lies win is when the truth is silenced. Because no truth fears investigation from its opposition, but a lie fears it so much that it must silence its enemies.

Ya can think what you want about me, and say what ya want. i just dont want to get banned again.


I got your back brother

Make refspi title “black white supremacist”

Don’t worry, those of us who know the truth about the (((powers that be))) support you 100%. What dan failed to disclose is that he is 50% azhenaki jew and you telling the truth caused a visceral reaction in his jew dna forcing him to silence the truth from coming out.

Stay strong brother, we are here for you waiting for our time to rise up and overthrow the ZOG

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that wasnt very cash money of u refpsi

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what am i supposed to say come back and say the same things i proved over and over again, and get banned?

I am just better off being quiet, i like this community and as long as they can collectively view it just to bully and silence me i cant do anything if i want to be here. My other choice was not to return, but i like it here, so i decided to just be a sucker.

tbh i didnt even see why u got playpenned but imma go skim ur other threads and see what the fuss is about

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Most posts were deleted. He was posting Hitler speeches, saying he was a great man, the Holocaust was a hoax, various neo-nazi and regular Nazi propaganda pieces, etc. All unironically

All while logically defending my stance and exposing our jewish overlords.

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See, @Paine?