Friend's positivity thread

Only nice posts here guys. We need a safe space to be kind to one another.

I appreciate most of you and am really glad we have this forum :)


@anon31000304 i rly appreciate when u tag me in music posts and even if i dont respond i almost always listen to them and like them :)

@yns ur probs the best poster on the site. good at being edgy/not a huge pussy while not actually being an asshole

@Roragok i feel like people dont thank u enough for how often u host

@huber super impressed by ur GG/fighting game skills.


thanks but when have you seen me play

Shoutout to me and the good vibes

shoutout to existence and perception

@Friend is a nice guy likes good music probaly cute irl and isnt afraid to earnest post

@old_electrowizard_acc always stands up for his convictions and his friends identities on an online forum and such and gets shit on everyday for doing it but keeps coming back

@SOPHIE i have always had pleasant/fun interactions with irl and in games though we dont talk/play as much as i wish (partially cause of me) and has listened to me bitch about growing up since 2014

@ilmemmerdelui divchan420 i used to have on snapchat for a long time and remember him from old nadota but turned out cool guy

@yns is just funny as hell and has had many interesting experiences but may or may not hate me

@girlpool definitely a qt pie

o no i forgot @prb <3

sorry for those lovelies i forgot


and i appreciate them…

to the utmost degree

firstly, this is a great thread @Friend and just what this forum needs :smile:

@anon31000304 is an honest guy with great taste in various things (PM me midwest records)

@yns for being a straightforward edgelord

thank you to @Roragok and @SOPHIE for building the site

also mention to asoul for, well, posting i guess

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Thanks mipsex

I have been planning to be more positive in general but unfortunately my nasty personality keeps getting in the way :slightly_frowning_face:

big ups for cooling it down with ewiz though! i don't enjoy seeing people fight :smile:

big things planned in this area

hope it’s toward good

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How come only the same people are mentioned repeatedly? What a fucking circlejerk.

@big_ass For being a high effort poster that’s occasionally funny
@Derumination Funniest poster
@matticus Most likable poster
@old_electrowizard_acc For butting heads againste very user on the forum which creates great ccontent as a result
@Nyte Second best mafia player after myself
@Agubar Second best artifact player after myself


Yea I generally dont like these things because they quickly become circlejerky and I think a lot of great guys get left out

I want to ping just random people that maybe dont even remember this forum except once a month

@sdadasdas and @Agubar for being there every time I’ve tried to host an artifact tournament

let’s pick little-known users and call them out

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shoutout to @Sudo for being real

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@Willy_711 for the great avatar

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@Forrest secretly a nice dude

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@dan for putting up with my shit even when it’s more flame than constructive. here’s to the many moderation threads to come