Fuck Spitwad

Fucking sellout little bitch deleting the OG forum. Tucked his weiner between his legs, pretending it wasn't there and deleted it due to some psychotic request.

He didn't owe it to anyone to keep it around, but if you quit when life throws challenges your way that makes you a loser. I hate losing more than I enjoy winning. Losers are bad company.

Tons of gems lost forever, just a coward move. I guess when you're down low you get down in the gutters and suck dick though.

What else can you do?


im not even gonan do my history hw

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It is sad.
Pendragon deleted the old forums.
Spitwad recovered them and posted them.

And then he did a pendragon.
He deleted both his forum and the old archive of the dota allstars forum too.



he doesnt even talk to anyone he went full cockroach

and gaslight us about it being some good moral decision


uh, what?

literally who

i mean if you have an argument in defense of him im totally here for it

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I have no idea happened and I bet none of us do either.

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the fact that it upset so many people should be self evidence of the fact it was a fucked up move

how about the fact that he never even went back to answer the many many questions posed by LOYAL members who made his forum worth the $20k it was all those years (he barely posted)

he couldn't answer a single question? he just ghosted everyone? cockroach

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his idea of being an "OG" is having a 2010 join date on his own website (that was only created out of necessity due to dota-allstars being closed and ratfucked by pendragon. lets remember he got this entire market cornered, and for free. that wasnt some genuis move, it was luck.)

he was not the reason that site was what it was, it was the agile_minds, and grandgrants, and insoms (yes fuck you) and haxitys many many others that poured 20k+ posts into that site like it was nothing. so many others i cant think of. forrest, idk. so many good posters. spit wasnt one of them. his little posse of him/ganked/Akiri LITERALLY never posted except like once a year. and I like Akiri hes a great guy, nothing against him.


I joined nadota in 2016 lol.

i joined in January 1st 2011 :slight_smile:

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been top 3 most active poster for 12 years nbd

am i talking my shit? am i flexing?

yeah i am. get at me.

polite and nice for the sake of nice insom is dead and gone

is being the most active poster in a nice video game subforum in which half the posts were historically piles of shit even a flex? does that make me autistic? perhaps. perhaps.