fuck the police general

nowhere is safe

mandatory body cams now

regulate the police everywhere, because they cannot self regulate. anywhere.


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I fail to understand why Canadian police still has no body cams? Like isn't this such an obvious thing to have given whats going on??

fuck cops

never once in my life have i ever had a positive interaction with a police officer


Same here. One molested my little brother, pepper sprayed my older brother, and locked all three of us up in 2017.

Here's a mega-thread of American police brutality, only from the George Floyd protests. There's at least 200 videos in there.



not for long because we'll fucking make them

That's awful, fucking pigs.

yeah i've seen a lot of that stuff

very little has changed in the last 60 years from when the police were smashing people's heads with clubs except now they have a lot more toys to play with

"""""""wellness check"""""""

Agreed. That would solve most of these problems.

A cop once accused me of breaking into my own car to steal my own $40 GPS, when I called the police to report it. Apparently, my story of "I went to my car to drive to the store, and found my window smashed" just did not make sense to her. Or the time cops came to my house and tried to come in to search for some woman I never heard of because they couldn't figure out how to read an address.

Cops in Canada are equally as awful as American police, just more racist.


We do. RCMP maybe not.

Toronto cops have them

Didn't the recent protests happen because there was no body cams, and cops were initially accused of pushing her out of the window?

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At least we only give them way too much funding instead of comically too much funding.


bro the small town I used to live in had a fucking humvee tank with a soundcannon LMAO


Not sure its just being politicized. Full story not out its a shit show. They kinda just stopped talling abt it.

George floyd body cam footage exists but thats not released. So whats the point of body cams in that sense? xD

Well yeah, people came to conclusions way before anything was released, and then their conclusions were wrong and they came to different conclusions. But from what I read they had no body cams, which basically led to the problem. Idk just screams stupid to not have body cams. But yeah I don't see why they wouldn't release body cam footage if they had it, unless they tried to hide shit.

If they released the body cam footage and it showed the police beating him in the car before pulling him back out what do you think would happen? If there really is more to the abuse than what’s readily visible from other videos, how do you think the people would react? It wouldn’t be good for any type of government. They sat 4 days on this ruling for the main guy, and took a week of protests for the other 3 as accomplices. What would it look like to the public if they had more condemning footage that wasn’t released in such a delayed case?

Yeah that sounds plausible - thought I think the truth would still come out, as from the videos shown, there should be witnesses who saw the entire scene, but I suppose their testimonies can't be as public as a video circulating the internet.

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what if it shows the opposite? George being a lunatic.

I honestly doubt those officers are going to serve time.