Game of Thrones 2

It is here. My episode 1 review:

First 10 or 15 minutes were very bad and full on derivative original game of thrones material. Dragon cgi is really bad. They need to stay away from dragon shit as much as possible.

Then it got really good. Peak game of thrones good. The soundtrack gave me goosebumps, and there were several points that were incredibly hard to watch.

I think we are in for a banger.

Thank you for the review. I will be watching tomorrow

In like an hour 13 minutes?

No tomorrow when my roommate gets back from banging his girlfriend

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Youre not tricking me. I know hes more than your "roommate"

You're right he's a good friend!

He is your dad. Your roommates are your parents

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No but he does visit sometimes!

It's out? Didn't read thread I will watch (no spoilers) then provide thoughts later

For the record nobody should pay for this

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I disagree. Its probably payable and i went into it wanting to hate it

Luckily i am still signed into my ex gfs hbo max on my tv

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Thanks ex gf

OK finished, didn't really like it, I saw the central death of the episode coming a mile away and felt it was there just to make you miserable. I don't watch shows about being miserable unless there is some deep reflection on life involved (which I absolutely do not see coming out of this show)

Going back to watching Indian Matchmaking/Never Have I Ever, the two actual good shows on television right now.

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It was aight like c- or 6/10 tier



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