Game of Thrones 2

Sorry i didnt watch last night

Its peak game of thrones

i highly doubt that but ill put it on with dinner now

BRO this episode had dudes making out. TWO DUDES kissing.

totally different than two women stroking and blowing on each other's titties until they get stiff and erect


did you know he was big globohomo the whole time?

long covid is just side effects from taking the jab

globalhomo is a jewish ploy to increase racemixing to exterminate white blood

Not funny to say this even ironically. Flagged and hopefully you will be banned soon.

@Osiris there are two flags up

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this is an outrage

kat investigated his own post and found it acceptable. guy is a crooked cop on a power trip

after a thorough investigation I found my self innocent of all charges thank you very much

Pp pupu

Pee/poo gender alignment probably the best thing ive read all year @kat

That was quite literally the most depressing episode of anything i have ever watched

This show got so fucking dark. Jesus christ

Dude i hated every moment of that pure dread

I dont like any of these characters. They are all evil. There are no likeable characters