Game of Thrones 2

This is why I stopped on the first episode. Extremely obvious to me

BRO jauffre was the best character stop hating

joffrey? can't even remember how he spells it

brendan gleeson crushes it out of the park with joffrey :chad: retires because people are ■■■■■■■■ and threaten him :chad: leads a simple life and marries someone who he helped recover from muteness :chad:

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Brendan Gleeson?


joffrey's actor


So true.

That episode was basically the end of pans labyrinth but for an hour.

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Based and Zizec pilled

newest episodes are refreshing and have a bit more weight but still lacking shitheads

Literally every episode is incredibly sad.

This episode made me cry every single time viserys was on screen

like literally as soon as viserys had a scene where he was happy i knew he was dead. So fucking sad

the show has improved markedly. things are actually happening

Has me questioning if i have a brain tumor. Not even joking every time viserys was on screen i started crying until he wasnt on screen anymore. Pure dread the entire time. So sad for me for some reason

Holy fucking shit aemond is a lad though