[Game] The Purge: Act II

Day 2 Dawns

The poors awaken to faZ's absence. Where had he been ushered off to? What fate beheld him? Nobody would ever know. But they did know he must've been a Real Poor.

One thing was certain though: The Master of Bums vote and the Purge would be held today.

Also, a lynch vote. And neverending hate for this fucked-up society.

Role PMs

Real Poors

Real Poor PM

Welcome, you are a Real Poor. You were born poor and will probably be poor forever. You live a destitute life by the whims of the rich, as their slave.


Lynch Vote: Every day, you may vote for who you wish to be lynched that evening.
Master of Bums Vote: Sometime during D2 or N2, you may send in a vote by PM for the Master of Bums. You cannot vote for yourself.
The Purge: On the Night of the Purge (Night 2), you may select a player to attack. This ability is optional.

Win condition:

You win when all the Rich Sickos are fucking dead.

Rich Sickos

Rich Sicko PM

Welcome, You are a Rich Sicko, along with your partner(s), [Player Name] and [Player Name]. You are incorrigible perverts who love to indulge in decadent taboo. Your current decadent taboo of choice is pretending to be poor and fooling poors.


Factional Communication: Day and Night, you may communicate with your team: [Chatzy Link].
Factional Expulsion: Each night phase, the Rich Sickos collectively expel 1 poor from the game .
Factional Protection: On the Night of the Purge, you may collectively choose 1 Rich Sicko to gain one layer of protection, dying only if they are attacked twice.
Factional Disable: On the Night of the Purge, you may choose 2 Real Poors to prevent from attacking.

Win condition:

You win when the Rich Sickos obtain a majority or nothing can prevent this from occurring.

Living Players (12/14)


@mafiabot startday 3804

@mafiabot vc

@mafiabot startday 3796

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

KrazyKat, Nyte, epok, Roragok, Jenanda_Bollywood, yns, bazingaboy, Friend, Matticus, Gamut, murs, magicmagininja,

Alive Players - 12

Majority Vote - 7


It is day. You may post.

This day will end 2019-06-30T03:00:00Z


@mafiabot lynch @theGreatWingdingi

im not trusting discobot anymore.

looking at fazs posts yesterday he was mostly pushing wolfy but also kkat, bazinga and jenanda

votes on wolfy yesterday were KrazyKat, Matticus, faZ, murs, magicmagininja

i admit I made the wrong call although my first guess was magic and faz convinced me to change my vote to wolfy

looking at results from yesterday has me.moving krazykat onto my tier 1 scum list and matticus magic on my tier 2 list

and with wolfy flipping town I am pretty confident that friend is a town player now

Attending meditation seminar but I will share my thoughts in a bit

wolfy i didnt vote you please be my boyslave still

@mafiabot lynch jenanda_bollywood

Nyte, Matticus, one more on the Wolfy train.

Dan still not looking town to me but I'm going to assume he is for a while.

I find it interesting that they enter with a lynch on me

This is 90% wolfys fault for being a terrible town player.