[GAME] Theatrical Performance Day 2

Act 2 - - - - Action.

Jones; Vanilla town (Of course) - was killed.

Players remaining:

  1. @Derumination
  2. @Ian
  3. @Roragok
  4. @sdadasdas
  5. @anon75925521
  6. @rose
  7. @old_electrowizard_acc
  8. @theGreatWingdingi
  9. @iaafr
  10. @flopagis
  11. q0q15 (Can’t @ him - namafia limits to only 10 in one post)

A big round of applause for The Performers of today;


You have in 36 hours.

Rules reminder:
There is always at least 1 mafia in the performer pool.
Audience can’t post but get to vote on who to lynch at end of day through PM to host (You can PM before the day ends if you can’t be at EoD) - can emote react to posts during day.
Performers don’t get to vote on who to lynch.

Why didn’t you @qoq15 in the game thread? This post is out of roleplay by the way; will resume in due time.


Sorry @q0q15*.

The cap emote indicated that you could respond with a maximum of 1 Emoji per post, which invalidates Alightsoul’s multi-emoji communication. Everyone should explain why they voted on the player they did last day.

YNS wasn’t doing anything. It was between him and Ian for me

Ror was weird for me, but that’s also cuz no one else even played the game. honestly YNS pissed me off with his bullshit with JDance and im pretty frustrated playing this game right now. No one even played yesterday. There is pretty much nothing to go off of imo.

Let’s start with this: Does anyone actually have any takeaways from yesterday’s performance? All I really saw was Ror looking scummy in a field of everyone else memeing.

That’s what I thought as well, roughly speaking. Yet you voted for YNS?

Roragok usually holds himself as an ambassador of the site and has perfect presentation and player relations (unlike other moderators). It was weird to see him act unlike this especially in Mafia when your objective is to be as nice and uncontroversial as possible.

Given the game’s emphasis on employing stand-up routine work to discuss your own gags and goofs: I would like to bring attention to the thread that was locked by a2pas (due to humiliation) and then unlisted by Dan (due to humiliation):

To the Audience. Vote for your biggest scumread.

:one: = jdance
:two: = Roragok
:three: = ian
:four: = q0q15
:five: = Wintermute:

I understand that playing for laughs is the objective of the game so I suggest reading through @anon31000304’s posts due to his admittance of practical virginity and failed ambitions.

I also advise taking note of his real life meeting with moderator @SOPHIE which supposedly does not implicate moderator abuse (Epok had no problem with Slowdive’s failed insults but when I bring up his “visit to the psych ward” and “period of homelessness” it’s a problem? Personal basis bias is all hahaha!).

I suggest you stop personally attacking other forumgoers (that are not even in the game) and start focusing at the game at hand.

Didn’t you read the description of the game? Or are you pretending you didn’t because if you were mafia you would obviously pay a lot of attention to it.

As I was reading the thread, I felt like Rora was actually trying yesterday. It seems like far too often on d1 we think a player is scummy just because they tried while everyone else was fucking around.

Please quote the paragraph that would justify your personal attacks on non-players. The “Theatrical” aspect of the game is just the theme of the game, and does not validate playing poorly in any way.

He further explains the basis of the game being on this “sing and dance” rather than playing the game and how it should be encouraged.