[GAME] Theatrical Performance, Grand Finale.

The curtains open for the final act - the performers caught off guard; the theatre is packed full tonight.

The performers - one of them is mafia:

Put on a good show now - it’s your time to shine.

The Audience:
and everyone else on the forum - because in reality, everyone is spectating (and loudly heckling at) this show, all eyes are on you today.


There is one mafia in the performer pool.
DEEPTHROAT and KLAZE are mafia in the audience.
Audience can’t post. Only react using the Emotes.
Audience submit their votes on who is mafia amongst the three performers to me in PM.
Performers don’t get to vote on who to lynch.





To the performers: You have 24 hours
To the audience: Don’t forget to read the rules in the OP - you don’t have to participate if you don’t want to.

Well this is not what I expected.

Hello I am retarded town.

Either wintermutes is next leveling me or it’s Ian.

Also thanks nmagane for showing me I need to disable group mentions hopefully for those.

I knew Klaze since day 2

Brief reminder for players and audience that if not for me there would not be a single scum lynch this game

My vote yesterday resulted in a diceroll which hit Klaze (scum)
My push on ewiz and insistence that audience lynch him was the only reason he died - no other town was pushing him and audience only barely found votes to lynch (scum)

Last I think is Roragok but I’m not 100% sure, I will go back and read. If u want to go investigate yourself I’d look at voting records and performer pools from the last few days (minimum 1 scum in each pool - in particular, I’d look at day 4 if I were u).

And finally a not-so-brief reminder to those two players whom I did catch (it was EZ) that I’m their daddy and they’d best remember that

In fact I’ll call it right now

All votes should be on Roragok - as soon as you read this thread, even if you’re one of the random out-of-game people NMA pinged, you should send a PM to NMA that says “lynch Roragok” and in 24 hrs you can come back and see that, once again, my good guidance has saved this forum’s bacon from the perils of evil and all that is Scum.

Thank you all and have a nice day.

That’s a game losing tactic.

I don’t think you would vote your teammates in the last day but maybe you think I am less retarded

It’s between Ian and wintermute. Im leaning towards Ian but would love his thoughts on you wintermute.

Ive been out played all game.

Roragok have a look through the game and tell me if it’s possible (>0%) that I’m scum

Also have a look and tell me where ian voted. Was he one of the ones that voted off of ewiz or was that rose?

Ian voted for me not ewiz.

I voted for him and not klaze.

Was there ever a day klaze and ewiz we’re both audience. Then the last would have to be a performer