[GAME] Theatrical Performance, Grand Finale.

Has to be Ian from this.

This is the best proof it is not me and my vote on Ian.

That would have put all of us Mafia in the pool. Also don;t you think I would have voted a townie on the last day for a dice roll win?

man im retarded tho.

This day literally means it can’t be wintermute. for people voting.

Do you think scum would have voted scum day1? Deep throat or klaze didn’t either. A vote for Ian is. Vote for winning.

Not sure what else I can say to make my case.

I guess this is confusing if you believe in a world where I am mafia

Answer 0% chance due to d4 performer pool:

Some other flipped town

Since there must be 1 scum per day, last scum must be in rora/ian. I am setup cleared.

Answer: rora and Ian both voted wrong all game, including when I said town must vote a certain player to win.

Ian has afked all game while rora has played mildly scummy

Roragok why don’t you walk me through your flopagis thing again


vote ragnarok

holy shit im tired

im gonna be driving until today’s over sry ill try to play from i90

told u u were town retard


sry i was wrong on qoq btw

didn’t i keep voting roragok

9 hours remaining.
To the audience; Don’t forget to submit your votes!