Gas Prices


Gas prices making real food too expensive for jdancs bitch to eat so she's on a diet of Twinkies now

Trump's pipeline plan looking good now

Well the 2 rainbow Nazis in power Canada and USA put an end to that shit

this is what you get if you vote democrat

Honestly wouldn't be surprised if there's a world where Putin didn't invade because trump won

I am stupid. Could you explain how this is true?

The first thing that trump did as president was authorize the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. Four years later, they had finished 8% of it.

Just 46 more years and we can up our oil capacity brothers. Keystone xl for life

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I believe the democrats have proposed "anti-price" gouging bills for gasoline (alongside anti-price gouging bills for baby formula) which anyone with any economic knowledge whatsoever knows is a recipe for shortages. I know this because I see shills cry about in on reddit (very funny).

The war in Ukraine is largely over NATO: Trump has been lambasted for saying things like "We need to get out of NATO", "We don't need to be paying for Europe's defense", etc. NATO should have ceased to exist after the Cold War. It's quite obvious to me that if Trump is president, the likelihood of Russia invading is significantly lower.

The point of being an ally with Saudia Arabia is so if this happens, the KSA can pump more oil and keep gas prices stable. They aren't doing this: why? Because Biden has dementia and is extremely weak. Biden is flying to KSA to kiss Prince Salman's (or whoever) ass in hopes that they will pump more oil.

Largely, the Democrats are the party of ■■■■■■ feel-good ideology which doesn't work in the real world; the Republicans are the party of ■■■■■■■ who at least have some mantra of "durr private sector" which is much more competent at these things than FEDGOV.


This administration actually let Russia invade and now win In Ukraine, which has totally realigned the thinking of numerous nations. It is now obviously a multi-polar world.

So you've fucked everything up: what can you do? You could lift sanctions on Iran, introduce their oil into the market. Unlikely to be done. You could do the same thing for Venezuela. Unlikely to be done.

It's not like the Trump Administration (or the Republicans) could/would have fixed this problem, but in no way would have they fucked things up to the degree this Democrat administration has done.

Electing someone who is cognitively deficient, dementia ridden, and then surrounding him with people largely selected for their ability to virtue-signal was a really bad idea.

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Point 1: nuclear weapons
Point 2; what?

Brandon was Freudian slipping "Putin should be prosecuted for War Crimes" and "We are targeting Russia for regime change" for at least a month, whereupon right after his team would claim the exact opposite in press statements. The diplomatic ability to stop the war is effectively nil: they are wholly incompetent within that realm.

There have been multiple points where an armistice could have occurred. Instead you get the Ukrainian Secret Police assassinating their own negotiators because they're "Russian double-agents".

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