Gave a girl my number. Good or bad?

There is this sexy ass girl who works at my bank beside me. Ive been flirting with her for a while (shes a gamer too). I finally got the balls and gave her some vitaplur gum with my number inside the pack on friday.

Bad idea?

Shes chinese if that makes any difference.

How was the gum received?

I just put it on her desk said it was my new sponsor from cali and she was all cool amazing awesome!

Can we get this post removed @anon31000304

It's making me and alightsoul feel opressed and uncomfortable about our own sexual orientation(asexual person of color)

If you're flirting with her and she's being receptive then stop being a girl and just ask her if she's down to hang out with your sometime and if she says yes then take her phone number and send her a text asking her when she's free. It's not rocket science my dude, what is this roundabout bullshit with chewing gum?

All you have to do is grab lunch and then walk around a nice part of town chatting it up, and make sure you maintain physical contact from the start whether it be hand holding, arm over shoulder, hand on her lap when you're sitting next to her, or whatever. But always be keen on how she receives your actions, if she's being hesitant/uncomfortable than dial it back otherwise full force ahead.

Uhhh... I mean really just don't overthink it, that's the best advice I can give you, just go for it and stop pussyfooting about or else you're going to end up putting that pussy on a pedestal and psyche yourself out.

Im a bitch when i like the girl. Welp i dun fucked up

this nigga

nigga you can sit on a street corner and spin signs for your new gaming organization but you can’t ask a girl out nigga what the fuck

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can you not type n-word :smile:

nigga you’re not even American suck my dick

with pleasure, skinny boy

I know great isnt it?

And i havent even told yall about my new scheme thats bringing in bank out on these streets.

What are you going to do if she never finds your number and throws it away?

Move on with life

You won't ever dwell on what could have been?

You could have made little gamer babies together

everyone knows polish genes are the most powerful when used for racemixing


:( i just want a gril that will be supportive of my crazy ideas. And hype me up.. I sont think that will happen until im making real esports $..

The shit im doing now and making bank. Socially is borderline insane.

No one is esports is doing this let alone canada :/

I don't think you need "real esports $" to impress some girl that works at a bank dude

Would be a lot easier with 300kusd a year

What i have to do now for esports. I dont think ill be able to get a girl for a while. Confident or not :/