Gave a girl my number. Good or bad?

its for the greater good

You're really stupid fyi

The problem is that girls don't like to take initiative so by giving her the number you're putting it on her to call you to show she's interested.

You're being vague by putting your number down without directly telling her it's from you like maybe you put it there by mistake, maybe it's someone else's, she doesn't want to look stupid.

And now you pigeonholed yourself into this situation where if she doesn't call you, you think she's not interested in you but that might not even be the case. What if she didn't even notice the number?

You created all of these holes in your plan for no reason other than the fact that you're clearly not a man.

Can you fucking start acting like a man?

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Like you just walk in there like usual, tell a joke make her laugh and then say hey what are you doing this weekend? And if she's like oh nothing much, or I have plans, tell her well I'm asking because I want to take you out and I want to know if you're free. If she likes you, it will happen, if she doesn't then move on. So much pussy, planet earth is a fucking sea of pussy. Stop dwelling on one.

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always shoot ur shot you did good.

even if it looks like a bad shot sometimes it lands ya know?

did you tell her about your lucrative sponsorship?

sneaking in a phone number is dumb and it's no wonder you are an esports failure


You guys are all assholes. He sounds young and I was there at one point too. I'm just telling him what I wish I knew and did when I was younger because I had no fucking clue what I was doing

With that said I'm a terrible person now

plasma asks for it

He's not young he's like 28


New plan based on recent findings. Find a police woman that you fancy and go after her.
This plan is inspired by this song.

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Asked her straight to her face. She said shes not allowed. Aka i dont make enough $ yet


Fuck boys


Well done on being up front


So now you go find a new bank for your banking needs and start the process all over again.

nah focus on this eSports street paper

she said shes not allowed? why not?