GG strive

Anyone wanna play. I've been playing this game a lot recently. I'm a smol brain may main

Where in NA are you? I can get decent connections with the west coast.

I haven't in awhile but I could try my best.

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what is this weeb shit

Guilty Gear is a big reason I am even in Japan right now lmao


i'm at a loss for words.

were you big into the fighting game scene?

i only ever played mk and smash so when i watch other stuff i have no idea what's happening but i still appreciate the skill/execution

Very much. Long time player of most major fighting games. Used to run locals. Then got involved in some of the event streaming. Did side work for Capcom Fighters and Evo. Now I just play old man games and netplay GG or BB

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the only community i've seen where all races and backgrounds from weebs, dorks, bodybuilders, nerds, manlets, neckbeards can all come together and spaz out. a thing of beauty

Those videos are a little cringe. The internet seems to find things most of us are ashamed of to be cool/funny from the outside.

A better example of what you just described is when the FGC showed up to the Azusa city council meetings to convince the city to allow our favorite arcade to move to Azusa. Countless people from near and far, from all different backgrounds, of all different skill levels and community positions, came to give speeches in favor of the arcade.


oh yea i wasn't sharing it mockingly outside of breaking someone else's equipment or when the dude throws his water bottle into the crowd. the community is great overall and when i played a lot of randoms seemed to want to help each other get better and learn matchups

that shit's hilarious and as long as both parties are ok with it shit talk is great especially in a 1v1 setting

cs and dota players have punched monitors and broken mice on cam before it's just kind of diffused because they're isolated within their own team instead of in someone's face

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I actually don't have issues with people getting mad and breaking their shit. But being a dick became glorified. Whenever anyone was getting animated or talking shit, someone would put a camera on it without any proper context. Sent the message to people that this was ordinary behavior and how you get attention/friends. Created a lot of obnoxious monsters.

fuck off

yeah popping off has become problematic but the signs were always there. so many infamous trash talkers of the past. the SA scene is famous for having players stand up and yell when they die in knockoff CS to mess with the enemy team. Halo had the issue too. Pretty much anything that is competitive but doesn't Garner a mature audience

yo i am west coast lets try it. do you have it on steam or ps5? i know jp scene mostly is on playstation (idk how yall handle the input lag) but i only have it on steam.

crazy that this might work, rollback is truely amazing.

the best weeb shit. my favorite development in the fgc is how sometime in the last few years everyone just kinda agreed anime fighters were better and now thats the most popular subgenre. not that i really have played many 2d fighters, before strive mostly played platform fighters and 3d fighters, but anime games have always been more fun to watch than streetfighter / MK / ect so im really happy to see them have their day in the sun