Got it for my wife yesterday

are there faz photos on this website

is that the norm
i feel like that's the norm
don't you have 2 kids who are older than 5 now or something too
im sad if that's the norm... do you feel stuck or are you still of the mentality that you wouldn't want anyone but her to raise your family with?
i would hope that 5-10 years into a marriage you're still like.... hey i love this person and i wouldn't trade them up for anyone because it's stable and we get along for the most part.. :/

when u gonna realize nobody loves their wife or girlfriend it’s just guaranteed pussy

you know claudia i love and support you but thats a fucked up thing to say and ask

i think faz and his wife are doing perfectly fine

? how's that different than women just want men because guaranteed dick (and same/clean dick, you'd hope)
tbh men are pretty useless on the day to day front. soo.. response?
most women don't need men for emotional support, they just want to get laid and then cuddled a bit and then y'all can fuck off. you're emotionally/socially inept so what's your use other than being physically stronger than me

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men bring home the bacon and build things

case in point: Car

you know the reason women dont need men anymore is because everything a husband used to offer: fixing the car, tearing out the old kitchen, building a porch etc have all been turned in to economic services while the one thing women do -- well that's illegal.

you know all joking aside i think we all depend on eachother and I'd rather not Fight over it with the good people of Namafia

lol.. you guys should know by now im not a feminist but if you say something ignorant ill reply with ignorance xd

i don't know about canada but in here you have to stash a bat behind a door when u call the plumbing guy in case you get raped, as a man i think that gives me a clear advantage.

fuck off nmamane

be a woman

can't walk out of the apartment after 9 o clock because you might get raped

Wow this is a great discussion

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be a woman

can't get on an empty bus because you might get raped

as a man, i have none of these problems. Zero.

Imagine faz is your dad and he comes to all your tiny tykes hockey games and just flips out at every referee call

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Ayşe, calls the electrician because the ceramic plates on her lightbulbs are melting

proceeds to get raped and murdered by the electrician

me, calls the electrician, has a nice chat, discusses the price, makes the payment, gets back to playing league of legends.