Got it for my wife yesterday



be a woman, go out shopping to buy some jeans, none of them have pockets -> now you need to find a boyfriend to carry your phone, and run the risk of getting raped

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women don’t do anything and are generally useless beyond being cum dumpsters like you guys are all essentially less capable than most men, have less of a drive, can barely do simple things correctly, and can’t seem to understand even basic fucking concepts.

Me and the bros actually do things the only thing you can do with a woman is spend money and fuck her

Speak for yourself. I barely do anything

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yeah bro like what does women have going for them? better at discerning shades of color? indigo? what the fuck is that? go make me a sandöviç

If you really loved her you would waste the extra 10k

who hurt you

nobody hurt me it’s just the way of the world anybody who doesn’t agree is in denial


notice you don’t even attempt to refute the obviously true claims I’m making because you have nothing to say and as a woman you lack the brain capacity to even fully engage in a conversation with me about these topics

locking this thread now

sweet jesus