GranDGranT Gone

pour one out :ppbeer:

They are dragging up all the dirt. Too many skeletons, and not enough closets.

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At least I'm not gay

All these upper middle class grifter "cosplayers" "dota casters" skating through life in some 3rd tier industry with no talent or effort going after a working class walmart employee who overcame alcoholism, pulled himself up by his bootstraps, only to get thrown right back where he came from


At least I'm not a fag or racist

Not sure what this lawsuit stuff is all about or if it's even real. The only time I saw saw them together was at the BTS house and they seemed to be ok with each other.

damn a nadota throwback..

Oh and I do remember her last cast at BTS. I think it was her and Maut. She said something wrong about a game mechanic (item or ability interaction.) He corrected her.
She kept insisting that she was right. He finally said "Yeah whatever." and then never said another word the entire game. She kept talking and didn't even notice.
As far as I remember they didn't schedule her to cast any more games after that.

Can someone please summarize for me i cant find the accusations listed on reddit

Apparently there is a court case with llamadownunder?

getting corrected by Maut on mechanics is pretty bad

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dude was like 3k mmr lmao

Llama was way below 3k. And I'm not sure it was Maut.

llama was one of the worst casters ever.

i really hate the stupid idea that just beacuse you spam cast shit you deserve to cast.

you can shoot a million baskets in basketball and still be trash. you can cast a million games and still be trash.

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hated when kotlguy was invited to TI after reddit bitched when he wasnt invited.

he "deserved" it because he casted a bunch.... lolz

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yeah llama was terrible

sucks grant is gone but ya can't really blame ppl for coming out if he was feeling up passed out girls lolz

the first one with the girl claiming he didn't notice her trying to pull away(verbally said nothing but she tried pulling away apparently)

u can claim ignorance but feeling up a girl whos passed out is just scummy

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Can you link that stuff all I see on reddit is ppl talking about it after the fact

I can give some twitter links.

I can't find the rape one anymore.

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