Happy New Year

I hope the new year is better than the old year for all of you.

So glad I an not in Times Square freezing my ass off and pissing myself.

New year, new me.



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New year new you.

Fifty Two Minutes Until The Rest Of My New Year

Might Plug In My Electric Heater Next Year

Gunna do a new years shrine visit in yokohama and wish for bernie sanders to become president of the united states

well me too but I have to sleep so I celebrate in my native time zone.

@huber did you eat KFC?

Wish I was in Times Square freezing and pisisng myself

on christmas? nope way too fucking busy

@anon_ricardo stop derailing every thread. This is a New Year’s thread.


Happy New Year

If you are posting in this thread on New Year’s, you’re a Loser

That would mean you, loser.

Why do you ruin everything? I wanted to make a positive post for everyone and you shit in my thread. Fuck you pizza boy.

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I really ruined this thread for everyone

I will post again after you go to sleep.

I’ll just quorapost in my own thread. Sorry about this, guys

You really don’t understand why everyone hates you and the only reason they enjoy your posts is to laugh at you.