hardware thread

Just a garbage place to shoot shit about PC hardware, building a PC, consoles, networking, dev boards, etc., etc.

pcpartpicker.com <-- Always start a build here.

I will post a quick log of my build this Fall. I’ll be rolling together an AMD system.

FPGA? Gates? @Nmagane share your redstone circuits here.

Saw a presentation where a guy had a unikernel Minecraft server which was kinda cool

frugal gatekeeper here

Fat White 50 Year Old:
How Can We Protect Ourselves; Should We Start Using Core2Duos?

TDR: We Are Just Going To Do Hard Cache Flushes and Disable Hyperthreading.

Never Buy Intel.

well I have to go wash dishes, bbl.


I have a high end PC and it’s not worth it - I turn all games to minimum graphics anyway. Don’t bother

I had to buy a $5k iMac Pro because my redstone circuits weren’t running

Just goes to show that u really shouldnt buy Microsoft in 2018

FPGA? Arrays? I work on arrays at work. Unreal engine’s array class supports heap sort which is useful but it doesn’t have support for binary sort which I think is objectively far more useful…

might just buy a premade PC soon or something lol

Yeah dude you have to play your epic dota at 300 fps.
Don’t waste money on computers - especially premade overpriced ones. Play games at minimum graphics, don’t support the scam industry.

I’m just going on ebay/openbox for most of my shit. Right now I do work with an 8 year old laptop and waived my advisor wanting to buy me a new laptop

If it’s for work it’s obviously fine. Don’t buy gaming shit.

i play games on minimum graphics already.

i sit no the floor and use a laptop that runs dota on minimum graphics at like 60 fps currently lol

Build it yourself. Learn once and you can do it forever. Just get someone who knows better to help you or, if you’re red pilled you can stream yourself building the pc and get your online friends to help you that way.

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Well 60 fps is perfect don’t you think?

60 fps is noticeably laggy tbh